Monday, February 27, 2017

February 20, 2017

hey mom im an awful writer! I forgot to tell you that we moved!  President really wants his assistants to have an example sector so he suggested to us that we move to our sector so that we could work in the sector more!! so we prayed about it and we felt very motivated to move!! and i know it was a better decision.  so i cant take a pic of the sliding glass door sorry haha.  Also even tho it is hard we are taking our pdays on monday so we have more time in the sector!  We dont really have pday its like a few hours to do a bunch of things haha.  the secretaries just barely sent me the day that they are making me go home.  the 13 of June.  im pretty mad they are robbing me a whole month!! We can extend our missions 6 weeks in this mission but if i want to extend i would have to extend 12 weeks because president doesnt want anyone going home in July because of the new president that  comes in. and i dont want to do that because i want to start school. bummer. So it looks like i have to go home the 13th.  Also i think it would be a great idea going to Suu with allyssa.  do you remember elder Ashman. he is a zone leader in Duran Norte now (in my old sector) haha.  I did and interchange with him this past week and i asked what his planes were.  He said he also wants to go to Suu so ill have a buddy there besides Allyssa. So it sound good but i would like to know i little more about Suu because i really dont know anything about it! hah

but i want to look at the bright side of everything because maybe God just wants me to home at that time.  idk

Great experiences this week in the sector we taught alot i had alot of Fun.  a family named Family Romero a family that the missionaries have been teaching for like a year.  the dad got into a motorcycle accident and fractured his leg.  when he got home from the hospital he called us and asked us to visit him!! so we did and we went to his house and he was a little sad because the day before he crashed we talked about doing activities so that they could get married and babtized! and he is sad because this happened! but we talked and tried to help him to build his faith!! he read ether 12.27 and asked him if he felt that he truly needs help from God and he said now more than ever (now i know why God needed him to crash) He is more excited and he just wants to give it all to God.  I know that they will be married! i also know that if we really put our faith and our dependence in Jesus Christ we will be very blessed!! I know that Christ loves me and wants me fear him above all things and serve him.  Thanks mom for the packages to i got them today!! love you

It would be fun to study with Josh anyway
ok i have to go im going to be late a an appointment.  We have a appointment at 500 today.
yes its definite tranquila (REALLY!!!  He tells me his coming home date is June 13 and I asked if it is definite and he tells his mother to CALM DOWN!  Seriously???!!!  Haha!)

Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017

This week Jesus got babtised!! Jesus was an investigador that was born ready!! His mother named him Jesus because he was a miricle baby! He almost died at birth and so did his mother but they both lived!!  We found him because a member came to church on new years with this kid!! He is just a stud all he wants to do is obey God!! He is a little loco tho !! haha but thats alright he is 19 and really wants to go on a mission!! His family doesnt even want to talk to us and that is a little hard for him because he goes to church and sees families their.  But he has the determination to help them, his little sister is the only one that listens to him and he is helping her read the book of mormon.  I really know that this Church is true i know that a real prophet leads it!!  Im absolutly positive that God and Jesus Christ came to Joseph Smith to call him as a prophet. I know that Revelacion is real and i know that if you have not come to knowledge that this church is true its because you have never asked!! (2 nephi 32:4) 

I asked who everyone is...Elder Contreras is on the left, then Jesus, then Caleb.  One of the other two is an investigador named Joseph!! he is awsome. i think he felt somthing really strong when he saw Jesus get babtised.  We just have to get him new freinds. luckly in Guayquil this ward is great!! they are such studs.  We had a invacion on sunday, the whole ward got together to contact!! We got 50 references only in the sector!! these guys are nuts about the missionary work!! they have a ward goal of 50 babtisms!!

I asked if the sister missionaries are still in his sector... yes they are super great!! one is from Colombia and the other from Utah. there are a ton of sisters here from Utah!! I never knew the sister from PG but the one i was in the MTC with already went home. Im old :(

I asked if Jesus's mom came to the i was really upset about that!! he didnt want to tell his mom that he was getting babtised so he didnt tell her ugh. i hope she doesnt get mad, hes 19 so he can make his own decision.  I even told him about your experience about joining the church.  He should really tell his mother. and yes its a giant moth.  btw, we didnt tell his parents cause his parents hate us or somthing.  they run from us and never give us a chance to talk to them

The giant MOTH!!
I asked if he had visited any other cities this week...We had Zone conferences here in Guayaquil this week!! it was fun.  Elder Conteras and i taught about the importance of finding youth!! turns out most of the general athoraty 70 were babtised from 9 to 25 years old!! there is a big pattern.
well i have to go i love you guys sorry i cant answer all of your questiones. 
Here are a couple more pics just for fun!


February 6, 2017

I asked Caleb how people say Caleb's last name in Ecuador.  He said...blaaackchursssst.  It's a hard name to pronounce in Spanish.

it was great! we are going to have a babpism this week named Jesus!! Jesus Cevallos.  he is a great kid.  His name is Jesus because he was miracle when he was born.  He told us that his mother almost died giving birth to him and she survived and Jesus was born the mothers name is maria. she is not yet listening to us cause she is not the most open woman haha but Jesus is really great and is working to be baptised..

I asked how Jesus learned about the church:  he is 19 and he showed up to church on new years

well i got to get going i love you guys a ton sorry i didnt write anything this week to you guys i will talk to you guys next week.  I will write an awsome letter that will blow your mind next week haha