Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

This week was pretty fun!!  last monday we went to these two famous spots in guayaquil Malecon and Faro.  So that was super fun!! and also today we went to these market places you can buy stuff for cheap but its kinda funny cause you have to work for the prices.  The will say one price and all you have to do is say no way i cant do that there is another store right over there that sells the same thing for less and then there just like yaya ok fine and you can pretty much choose your own price haha its pretty fun.

Not much else has happened.  We dont have to many investigadors at this moment and the ones we do have wont attend church so we have to set a whole nother babtism date.  because like the first or at least the second lesson we ask them to be babtised and set a date 3 weeks from the day we ask because they have to attend church at least 3 times and recieve all the first 4 lessons.  So that is a big frustration!!  but its ok i still have hope that god will help these people along i know he will!!


Better Bird Picture from last week

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 12, 2015

Well this week we didn’t hear much from Caleb.  He said he wrote an email and attached a bunch of pictures, but it never came, and the computer he was on was giving him a lot of grief.  We were able to briefly email back and forth though.

I asked if they had transfers this week

"ya.  Elder lizana went home and there is a new gringo in the house and he is from mapleton ut  and he is newer than me and came from mexico ccm so he knows a lot less spanish than i did at the start haha but its cool we help eachother"
Rob asked for his address so we can look it up on Google Earth

the streets have no names and i dont know the number but i figure it out for you this week”

I asked what the new housemate’s name is (since he is from the US)

“ya his name is elder Ashman and i have to go im still with elder martinez by love you choa bye bye”

Unfortunately, that’s it for this week.  Hopefully next week he can resend the letter from this week, and cross your fingers for the pictures too.

Thanks for all the love and prayers sent Caleb’s way.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 5, 2015

Well this week was great!!!!! We had Conference!!! i can honestly that for me that was the best conference ever.  Not because there was something special about it but because i listened and i applied everything to me and the people that i teach!!!  My favorite part about it was the very first talk of satraday morning session! Presidente Uckdorf spoke that this gospel is so simple that a child can understand it but at the exact same time it would take life times full understand it all!!!! that is so true.  is see people everyday turning their hearts to the Gospel and they understand just enough for them.  God knows the crap out of you and he knows exactly what you need to know at that time!!  The only thing we have to do is actually get off our butts and look for it!!  

here in Ecuador they can watch conference on the computer at home but because not a lot of people have a computer the stake center is open and you just go to the church in ur chuch clothes and watch some conference. This way is way more effective because people are actually listening and most of the members are taking notes!! That is something that i almost never see back at home.  These people really love the gospel!!!  And they are truely recieving blessing the lord is voluntarally giving them.  

I watched both the saturday morning seccions, the preisthood sesion and the sunday afternoon english because in the stake center they had an extra room with a tv in case the chapel gets to full so me and two other missionary from the US watched it in there.  They can already speak spanish but the profets have said that everyone should hear the Gospel in their apropiate language, the´re real good buds also.

I know that alot more has happend but i honestly cant remember.  Yo se que este Iglesia es la Iglesia de Dios. Se que el libro de mormòn es un otro Testamento de Jesucristo yo puedo testificar de eso porque yo he leido el libro de mormon y estoy disfrutando el bendiciones de eso.  Amo mi familia y les estraño pero este obra es el mas importante cosa yo puedo hacer.  Esto es mi testimonio a ustedes y yo digo estas cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo Amen.
Caleb caught a bird! (Gross!!)

Caleb with his Comp/Trainer Elder Martinez and
another elder who is heading home to Peru

Friday, October 2, 2015

September 28, 2015

This week went pretty great!!! the people are so nice here. its was my birthday on saturday the whole day like changed a bunch. 

first i went on an intercambio (i dont know the word in english haha but it is when you go with another missionary not your compañero haha) and he is from mississippi but you wouldnt guess it cause he doesnt act or doing anything like he is from the south but he is still really funny and we were laughing like the whole day and for some reason i felt like my spanish like doubled and we were speaking english the whole day (except to our investigadores) so that was a huge b day present.  after that i had no idea but a less active lady thru me a big party with a cake and everything and im pretty sure we only like told her it was my birthday like one time in passing like a few days before.  so that was a way good way to end the day haha.  and the sunday after a recent convert made me another cake and in the morning the missionarys i live with got me a cake too haha so our fridge is full of cake. 

plus there was a red moon on sunday and im just gunna count that as a bday present too!
my sector is pretty messed up and there is drugs everywhere and the teens are just doing them in the middle of the street and dont even try to hide them any more and then they want to talk to us and give them a pamphlet which im pretty sure they just roll up doobies with the paper but it is actually pretty funny to hear them cause they say the randomest crap haha
also it rained for the first time on my birthday so that was something new.  you would think the rain would be a good thing cause it is so hot all week but it actually just stays hot and gets to be like 300% humidity but i liked it cause it was new.

we went to a papa johns today cause one of the elders in my house is going home in a week and today is his last p day.  all the latinos think its wierd that we call it papa johns in the us cause papa is a spanish word so that was kinda funny

the lady that thru me a party took probably 1300 pics so i will have to get a few and send them later
chao de Ecuador!!!

-Elder Blackhurst

Pizza at Papa Johns to say goodbye to an Elder