Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016


This week went great!!  but yesterday was probably the highlight of it all!!  So we were walking in this sector were there is not very many investigadors and there was a giant muddy puddle in the middle of the road cause we are getting a ton of rain lately and it was a dirt road.  Anyway we had to go around it and take a different street.  Then on the road i looked over and saw this guy that we didnt know saying Elderers!! Come here!!  So we walked to were he was and he said he has talked to Elders before and was going to be babtised and says he has a ton of freinds in the church.  But he said he has lost faith in God due to the problems he has in his life right now but anyway we talked about them and he told us that he wants to be babtised and asked how long it would take and we told him 3 weeks!!!  It was super great it was super fun to see someone put that much faith in 2 19 year old kids.  I know that everything we told him came from the spirit and that this work releys on the spirit and im super gratful that i was babtised in the correct church and that i have the gift of the holy ghost that tells me what to do and say in the perfect time!
hahah ya the best part was is that he totally put that puddle in our way just so we could run into it and go to the next street over just to talk to that man
did you guys not get my emails last week? ugh i wrote a ton i even wrote one to the group too but i guess nothing well im really sorry. i guess it was kinda funny cause my companion asked me how is the family and i was like they abandoned me and nobody wrote me haha but its ok now
oh also i read the talk by elder eyring it was super great thank you a ton for telling me about it!!
Rob asked him about some things in last weeks letter and this was the response that didn't come through:
ya i cant tell you that ive seen those companies over here but ya im in the heart of the providence los Rios.  And yes there is a ton coco beans!  They take off the shell and have all the little bean and lay them out on a tarp right on the sidewalk and they smell to high heck.  Oh dang they smell awful. almost til you gag haha.  
And yes there are 2 zone leaders Elder Monson and Elder Lang and all of Babahoyo is a zone.  There are 2 district with 2 district leaders.  There is me and Elder Rawson.  and we are not companions.  Im with Elder Argueta which i think really misses being a leader in the mission cause everytime i get all the numbers he feels like he has to write them down too its kinda wierd and somtimes tries to boss me around but its ok i understand he just wants the best and i know that i cant tell him what to do because he has 23 months now. I know i just have to serve him and i know then we can work as a team.  
I was telling him that the story he wrote about (above) reminded me of Helaman 12:
oh i love that chapter it shows my the power of God and how incredible it is i love it so much!! I feel like when i read that chapter i feel like im very pridful of my father in heaven
I asked what he wrote about last week that didn't send:
Distict leader is not so bad i really like it and its super fun.  You get to meet other investigators of other missionaries and its super interesting!!!
ok i have to go now because this lady wants us to come over to teach her at 4 today so we are going to take 2 hours away from our pday for that but how is Allyssa and Cammie doing i havent heard from them. tell them to shoot me an email next week i miss my sisters
bye love you all aton!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 15, 2016

No letter today!  Ugh! :)

February 8, 2016

No shared letter this time.  Just back and forth.

I asked why he wanted several calculator watches:

ok the truth truth haha the reason why i want the calculator watches is cause a few weeks ago we were walking down a pretty busy road the four of us and some black dude ran behind me and snaged the watch off my wrist but i didnt want to tell you cause you might think ecuador is dangerous or something but its really not i promise.  Anyways other thing haha.  on saturday  we got a call from the zone leaders and they said that the 2 other elders in my house will be leaving Elder oyler is going to be the new secratary of the mission and Elder Alvarado is going to a town called milagro to be companions with Elder Martinez my trainer haha i know kinda cool.  So before there was 4 missionaries in the ward but now its just us 2 in the house thats built for four and in the ward.  So im super stressed out cause i have to know all of the investigadors less actives and recent converts that they had its kinda stressfull cause now my sector is giant.  And on top of that president gave me the asignment of district leader and so i have a super full plate

Rob asked how the zone is split in the city:

just half the city of babahoyo is one zone and 2 districts

We asked who the kid in the pic was:

Elder monson is his name he is super dope and my zone leader hes going to play basketball for portland when he getts back so i had him put on my byu shirt and took a pic of him hahaha

The ward bus ride from Babahoyo to Guayaquil to go to the temple.

The shovel used to break ground on the Guayaquil Temple.  (And Caleb's reflection in the background.)

We can look at the same moon!

i really have to go i love you guys a ton sorry i didnt have a tone of time this week

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 1, 2016

Rob sent him a picture of the family at the Provo City Center Temple open house...

"but dang that temple tho!!!  wow!!! im really bumbed that i didnt go to any temple open houses cause i really regret it now.  It really is a blessing to live in Utah"

I asked him how the baptism was for Froilan - an investigator...

"Ugh im super tick about that.  so we went to the temple as a ward this week and we helped out with babtisms for the dead cause we had a convert that brought names.  It was a super spiritual experience but we brought froilan so he could just sit outside with a few others from the ward and just see it from outside.  and he was texting someone and then all of a sudden hes like oh im going to the beach now. and it was saturday and we had the babtism service on sunday morning.  and the whole ward knew but hes 15 and doesnt care about anything important. so we tried to talk him out of it but hes 15 so hes stuborn.  and he used his agency and went to the beach and didnt come back till today so we talked in ward counsel and we are going to babtise him not this saturday but he next so like in 2 weeks cause we all know he is not ready."

I asked if any of Froilan's family are members...

"ok its kinda complicated.  he lives with a family in the ward that he calls his uncle and aunt. but really there is no relacion.  His mom live in a other part of the city not far.  But it is still his mom so we had to get her signature for him to be babtised it was really a hastle"

I asked who else he is teaching...

"hah well you are going to think we only teach 15 year olds but its not true but we teach this other kid that is 15 named Andres that is preparing for the same day haha so they can be freind that will be cool"

I asked about the man that the missionaries were digging a hole for...the returned missionary that is inactive...

"its been really hard to find him but we keep trying.  hes not the most trust worthy person.  he always trys to sell me something"

"hey i have to go i love you"