Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5, 2017

My last email.  

dont feel like this is real...

This week went great our investigadores are suddenly starting to be more interested in the message this week. alot of them finally accepted to be baptized! One lady that has been taught on and off by the missionaries for about 30 years said " i think its time now" with a seemingly sigh of relief

another while we were teaching sincerely asked his son if he too would like to be baptized and he said YA!! 

Got word too that in Quevedo a lady that has not been able to be baptized for like 6 months but believes in the church and everything even goes to institute is getting baptized because her fiance moved out of the house (they are getting married in December) he moved out so that she could get baptized sooner!  shes getting baptized this Saturday! 

Well because its my last email i have to say thanks to my family. they have all ways written to me and have always been there in thick or thin i really love them and feel truly blessed!! 

thanks to my bud Darrin too He is a stud always been there

i freakin love the mission i think is the best place to prepare for life. im so grateful that i went and enjoyed the experience of being a missionary!! i truly love it here and it sucks that i got to leave but im happy i get to see my family again!! 

haha thanks dad for the email love you guys a ton thank you for always being there!! cant wait to see you 
haha love you mom il see you in a week haha 😀😖 
well i got to go see you in a week!

May 29, 2017

its been pretty fun here with elder Jarvis, We keep trying more and more to get better.  i think its a temptation to speek in English too much haha. in the rules it actually says you should always speak your mission language, so thats been one of our goals this week.  Elder Jarvis and i have had lots of fun this week too. he is super funny and shredds on the guitar haha.  

this week was the district conference here in Ventanas.  It was president Riggins last district conference in Ventanas.. they are going to miss the crap out of him.  Honestly if President Riggins is talking i already know that everyone is going to love it.  He talked alot about how the district has alot of potential to be a stake they just have to work together. he talked about an orcestra.  We all play different istruments and somtimes we just dont want to play our instrument because we dont like how it sounds all by its self but if you put it together with everyone else you have a very sweet symphony!!  that is so true. that has alot to do in our family lives as well if we all work together and always watching the director that way everyone is in tune. the song will be wonderful.  that analogy can work in almost every situation.  also the district president spoke he talked about when they first called him to be a branch president he didnt even go the first meeting haha he said that they had made a mistake.  They sent someone from the district to talk to him and he hid from them haha but they finally sat down with him and talked to him and told him that the Lord had called him not any man.  So this newly called branch president knelt down that night and asked God if he had really called him.  He said he got that warm feeling in his chest and it made him feel like his heart wanted to jump out.  not going to lie i think i cried when he said that. haha

we took an entire family to the church on sunday too!! it was so great first we ate breakfast at their house but we cooked.  We made american omelets. they were super good and the family was super pleased haha so pleased that they attended church haha we are going to teach them today pray for us so it will go great!!

well i got to go this is my second to last letter probably haha nuts right well i love you guys a ton and have fun at galoon.   tell dallin Elder Jarvis said that new ride i never got to ride is super dope so ride it for me

May 22, 2017

You'll never believe it. i got transfered again!! im here in Ventanas again! in the same Branch that i was in before!! I love it here!! I remember that i only had one tranfer here before and i wanted to stay for more time but looks like the Lord really doess love me!!" He sent me back. i know that im only going to be here for 3 weeks before i go home but im dying pretty good!! Im with a new companion named Elder Jarvis! he is from Orem Utah and knows a bunch of people from Lone Peak!! he is a really chill kid i can tell he has got his head in baptizing people and honestly looking back on my past companions ive noticed that the ones that i enjoyed the most are the ones that have not just their actions in the work but even their thoughts!! the house that we are in is great too its my old companion from the MTC and a new chileano missionary!! I really love it here.

This last week in Bellavista was great,  We taught alot of people this week!! 
(I told him...I think the Lord needed you to get a little of taste America in these last two comps so you will actually get on the plane...haha)
hahaha i know right i totally thought that too!! i got to go thanks a ton for all that you do!!