Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 28, 2015

Well i hope everyone had a great Navidad because i know i did i got to talk to my parents on skype and luckly i was in the city of Guayquil so i could find someone with a computer i can skype on!!! We had our mission activity on the 22 and the 23 and they were way fun days.  For probably the most of it we were singing on the street or singing at like a old fokes home to really old people that were kinda insane too haha.  Then president made dinner for us on  the 23 and it was super good!!! Turkey with mash potatos with green beans with GRAVY!!!  I dont know where he found gravy but he really pull on that one!!

The actual day of Christmas we could get that much work done because everyone was out in the street either still drunk or have a real bad hangover from the night before so it was hard to do anything but we did visit so recent converts and members and created kind of life a Christmas nativity but just with scriptures and hymns and it was super fun.  

Today i got transfered to a city called Babahoyo and a sector called Universitario 2!  This is alot different from the city haha.  I feel like i just arived on the mission again! hah no but it is alot different because it is all fields and stuff but the city had other people that were just a little bit more rich that the ones here.  So i just went from cinder block houses to baboo houses haha.  

My new companions name is Elder Argueta he is from Guatamala.  he is pretty cool he only has 3 months left on the mission so he is kinda nervous haha but its cool he is a really hard worker from what i could tell.

It was really hard to leave Vergeles because i basically knew everyone there because we did so much contacting and stuff and i got the call last night at like 9 o clock in the night that i had to pack cause they needed to throw me out in to the jungle for a bit haha.  but i didnt get a chance to say good bye to anyone and that really sucks so i wrote a few letters to my converts and left them with my companion so he can give them for me but it kinda sucks to start over again but its ok it will be way funner than last time and the house that i live in now is way bigger and way cleaner cause its not so much in the city. 

Well i hope everyone had a nice Christmas and sorry i havent emailed in a while!!


de Elder Blackhurst

ya im really pumped but also kinda sad i wanted to be there for like a few more months

(I asked if he had a chance to say goodbye to Carmen-his mom away from home)
no its good i called here before i left this morning but she wasnt there so i left a message with her son

ya and i also gave that byu football to Bryan her son because i think he would enjoy it way more that me

ya the youngest is very downs syndrome and like almost ever sunday it seems like she has to go to the hospital for a doctors appiontment ugh its kinda anoying because she is slowly starting  to lose her testimony cause of it.  but ya i gave the football to the 2 oldest cause he said he liked it a ton and he looks like a future offensive linman
(I asked if his new area had a university because the wards are called Universitarios)
ya but i havent seen it yet ive only seen the house and the grociery store by the way the food is super cheap here!!!! its super cool!! and this cyber
no we had transfers today elder morga got transfered too.  it was like a 2 hour bus ride is all
(I asked if was a big bus or a chicken bus)
it was a big bus but no i meant to say Guayaquil is super expensive so its super nice to have cheap things for once
(I asked how many were in the apartment and if he rode the bus alone or with someone)
there is still 4 and ya i was by my self it sucks i felt really weird haha
haha i cant remember there names yet haha but i know ill be good freinds with them next week
hah the christmas party for the ward was horrible cause they had it on the day of christmas and nobody could go!!! so dumb

(Rob asked him about the bus ride there and how his own experience was scary because he didn't know the language yet so he wasn't sure if he would get there)
haha ya thats honestly all i was thinking on the ride there is of your story on your mission and i was really greatful i could comunicate with the people
ok guys i have to go now thanks for everything you guys do for me i hear from you next week!!! love you

December 21, 2015

yes i think we are going to skype but its hard to find a place to do it cause not too many people have a computadora with camera

yes i got the peanut butter and honey its super good i love it thanks so much

No i havnt got the Christmas packages yet i hope they get here before april haha

No we have it tomarrow and im super pumped cause we are doing i cant remember what it is called in english¿iniciatorios? hah 

ugh Jipson he did exactly what i was afraid of im kinda panicing he started doing the same things he was struggling with before his babtism and ugh man i feel like it is all just falling apart with him and im super sad about it cause before he was so pumped when we came but now its like we come and he just seems tict at us or something and i honestly dont know what im doing wrong thats why i was super bummed but its ok i decided i was not going to give up hope because he is a pretty dope kid and has a really bright future ahead.  I know exactly why its cause he has no freinds in the church so there is absolutly no drive to presevire to the end.  Walter its not going to well either i dont know what happened cause i think he doesnt like telling the truth with us so he says all this stuff about how he wants to be babtised but every time i ask him why he wants to be babtised he says one wants to get rid of all the mistakes in his or her life so there is absolutly nothing personal about it hes just saying what he thinks we want to here but we really just want the truth 
ah man that sucks that byu lost cause i was really going to send an email to hack to to glote maybe get some members to take a pick with a byu shirt on or something but ya whatever i never really bronco losenhall ugh.
ya the christmas party is tomorrow and wensday so it is almost all the day long both days but i kinda dont want to cause we found a new investigador named Jorge and he is super dope but doesnt have legs cause he was in a car accident and the wind shield choped them clean off hah its funny and really sad at the same time ok maybe not that funny just more sad than funny but he needs faith that jesus is the christ and not just a "good guy" cause that what he thinks right now so was thinking about him this moring and i thought of leaving him alma 36 to read cause its super a sick chapter!!!!
(he is inviting Jipson to family night) ya like today we have a noche hogar i and i called him to ask if he wanted to come and he said ok 
ya so im thinking with walter if he doesnt show progress with in the next 2 weeks we have to drop him but i know the lord still has his back
ya 11 is great for me so ill call around 9 your time i forgot about day light savings
(About a wonderful lady in Guayaquil named Carmen Murillo)
no what does she what to make for me!? and she went to church i was so pumped he had a huge lesson with her and aparetly she was not so sure what the sacrement was cause she felt no need that she had to attend at all.  so i just explained it to her stern cause she talks alot so she had to understand and ya she understud and went to church i was super happy
it was roast ah i miss it super bad but i know that i have not chance of seeing it here  but ya carmen is super sweet and she loves you and said i was one of her favorite elders!! ya shes like my mom here but dont worry im not going to replace you ha
yahoo i babtised again this week

ya but i have to go i sent you a pic so you can laugh haha and yea hes 9 so its a babtism of the mission see you friday bro hahah!!!!!!
ok i have to go cause its six and i cant be late so tell everyone i love them and i cant wait for friday

Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015

Today is changes and again i didnt get transfered so im still here in Guayaquil Vergeles ward!!! Whoo!!! 

Wow this week was great!! we had 4 investigadors attend church and 6 less actives!!!!! Wow it was great!! one of our babtismal dates fell his name is Walter and he has pretty much lived his life solo and his hes made a few mistakes in his life that he wants to correct and his brother is mormon so we got the chance to visit him and hes taking the lessons now and everything and he had a date for this saterday but it didnt come to church on sunday so we have to wait for the next week. Its around christmas the next week we can do it but im praying that one nobody talkes him out of babtism and that satin takes a break on the guy cause he really needs this in his life.  I know he does and it would be amazing for him. He talkes aton about how he was in the military and shares all these stories that hes had to shoot people before in the war and all this stuff that makes me laugh. 

I was rereading the book of mormon today and i desided that i was going to try to read on chapter ever night but switch off every night from english and spanish and this week i was reading 1 nefi 13 and 14 and it talks aton about United States and how the united states would kick out the indians in the north and it would be a choice land perfect for the Restouration of the Gospel!! Its crazy how much God knows!! The reason why he literally glows is because of his knowledge that he has, its really cool that when we die and after the judgment and all and we arrive to the Celestial Kingdom that we will but incomprehensibley smart!!!

I love the book of mormon and know with out it would be really confused about aton of stuff so if you ever have a question about if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint is true read the book of Mormon i know for a fact it willl ansewer any question you can think of.  But God wants to see your effert to read it and hes not just going to give you your ansewer for free you got to work!!! God is a God of Work!!!!!!!!
( I asked how Elder Hernandez was doing? )
ya hes recuperating a tone he can almost move his whole cheek now
We contacted this guy on the street and I took a pic cause its funny
No its was just his pet for a while haha and that night they just desided to eat it so ya they cut her open and it was so funny it just remined me of hunting the whole time haha
( I asked how the food is )
Some food is really good like sometime but very rare we have lasana and its super good. ya its like real real lazana from italia the peple her are crazy for spain and italia
ya they dont eat like a ton a ton ( of meat ) but they eat every part like yesterday i had a cow heart soup it was really nasty and i just gutted it down i can honestly say that i didnt finish it but i dont think she noticed a cause i gave the rest to her dog haha i feel bad but i just couldnt eat it
ok first what do you think is the most common thing.  I eat it litterally every day and it is the reason ive gained 20 lbs since ive left. haha its cause ive been trying really hard every morning to just turn it into muscle but im geting behind i can feel my body getting fatter and actually not that much beens i kinda wish there was more just rice.  sometimes for lunch we just get a mountain of rice and like a strip of cow haha
( I asked how big the ward is and how often they feed the missionaries )

we have a differerent lunch every day of the week so thats cool and ya there is a ton like 500 somthing but only about 200 attend church. we only make breakfast for ourselves and normally its just cereal and milk and we usually dont eat dinner

ok i got to go ill write next week love you guys aton and im pumped for Christmas i think im going to cry haha

i cant remember when it ( the mission Christmas party ) is but i got to leave now love you!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 7, 2015

aaaaaaaaaaa!!! dont tell me that!!! holy crap that game (BYU v UTAH at the Vegas Bowl) is going to be so intense i want to watch it!!!  Anyways this week i dont know what came over me before i felt i liked to duck hunt and fish and stuff but it was like a past time thing but now i would kill just to go to strawberry one time for like an hour and fish and duck hunt!! man i got so trunky this week haha but its ok im fine i just want to go hunting really bad haha.  ya jipson is great he is attending church and going to activities and stuff its awsome but the only problem is that some of the people is this ward are like hard core wierdies so he is not really making freinds and he has to go to church alone every sunday.  We got to know his freinds outside of the church but they are not the best people and they dont really want anything to do with the church and his family is great but they dont really want anything either it really sucks.  i keep praying that he will find someone but i keep thinking i just babtised a less active.  

Ya i hope i dont get transferred right before christmas but ya im kinda due for one so i dont know ya ill be able to find a place to skype if im here but ya if i get stuck in the freaking campo im not sure but im sure ill find somewhere just send me your skype account name so i can right it down and call you guys.

ya Elder ashman is gone it sucks cause im not going to lie its kinda hard cause elder ashman is a hard working but these guys im living with not are not the best workers but im doing my best to keep my spirit up

ill send pics of the babtism then i got to go love you cant wait to see you guys on christmas

Elder Blackhurst, Jipson, and Elder Hernandez at Jipson's baptism!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 30, 2015

Well this week we babtised Jipson!!  hes a super dope dude and way nice im kinda bumbed tho cause his whole family went to see him get babtised and i was like super pumped to see them there but then sunday came for him to recieve the holy ghost for a birthday present and he was the only one that showed so now im like What they didnt like it of somthing but im just praying that they can do the same thing one day

ya im pretty sad this week its not even transfers and my best freind Elder Ashman is leaving and my companion maybe needs to go home if the medicine doesnt start working this week.
i have to go sorry there isnt much time this week so i got to go love you all and tell the kids that i said that