Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015


well this week went by real fast. its crazy how time flies when you have so much work and you actually enjoy it!! 

i had a cool expierience this week.  So my first day in ecuador we had a visit with a family and i could hardly understand anything because it was my first day and i thought the house was so small and i was like oh crap i want to go home.  But then after like forever they found the time for us to teach them agian and it was super powful because the guy is actually really smart and the great part is it seems like he really understands the role he has as a father hes going to school right now to get a better job so he can provide better for his family.  anyway the second time we went to his house i thought his house was so nice!!!! crazy how your prospective can change that fast!!
im still struggling a bit on the language.  its hard to desern the needs of people when you can only understand like half of what they are saying.  But my liders say im doing great and i can talk like ive been out for six months buts its still super frustrating.  

Not too much action this week we do a lot of random acts of service and are always looking for some and in my opinion that makes the mission worth wild!! 
We received this picture mid week from a young member
named Jorge (he is the one in the middle of the picture).

Caleb with two other missionaries standing in front of a church.


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