Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

This week was pretty fun!!  last monday we went to these two famous spots in guayaquil Malecon and Faro.  So that was super fun!! and also today we went to these market places you can buy stuff for cheap but its kinda funny cause you have to work for the prices.  The will say one price and all you have to do is say no way i cant do that there is another store right over there that sells the same thing for less and then there just like yaya ok fine and you can pretty much choose your own price haha its pretty fun.

Not much else has happened.  We dont have to many investigadors at this moment and the ones we do have wont attend church so we have to set a whole nother babtism date.  because like the first or at least the second lesson we ask them to be babtised and set a date 3 weeks from the day we ask because they have to attend church at least 3 times and recieve all the first 4 lessons.  So that is a big frustration!!  but its ok i still have hope that god will help these people along i know he will!!


Better Bird Picture from last week

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