Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 8, 2016

No shared letter this time.  Just back and forth.

I asked why he wanted several calculator watches:

ok the truth truth haha the reason why i want the calculator watches is cause a few weeks ago we were walking down a pretty busy road the four of us and some black dude ran behind me and snaged the watch off my wrist but i didnt want to tell you cause you might think ecuador is dangerous or something but its really not i promise.  Anyways other thing haha.  on saturday  we got a call from the zone leaders and they said that the 2 other elders in my house will be leaving Elder oyler is going to be the new secratary of the mission and Elder Alvarado is going to a town called milagro to be companions with Elder Martinez my trainer haha i know kinda cool.  So before there was 4 missionaries in the ward but now its just us 2 in the house thats built for four and in the ward.  So im super stressed out cause i have to know all of the investigadors less actives and recent converts that they had its kinda stressfull cause now my sector is giant.  And on top of that president gave me the asignment of district leader and so i have a super full plate

Rob asked how the zone is split in the city:

just half the city of babahoyo is one zone and 2 districts

We asked who the kid in the pic was:

Elder monson is his name he is super dope and my zone leader hes going to play basketball for portland when he getts back so i had him put on my byu shirt and took a pic of him hahaha

The ward bus ride from Babahoyo to Guayaquil to go to the temple.

The shovel used to break ground on the Guayaquil Temple.  (And Caleb's reflection in the background.)

We can look at the same moon!

i really have to go i love you guys a ton sorry i didnt have a tone of time this week

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