Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

i dont want to send a big email this week... sorry.  But this week was great. yesterday we went with the bishop´and his wife cause they wanted to show us this house of this less active family so we went with them and it was straight up an adventure haha, it was super dark and we had to cross this bamboo bridge that was huge across this lake to get to a house of bamboo and  the bridge almost broke like 100 times. the bishops wife was freaking out! haha but ya i got eaten alive by mosquitoes and i woke up last night like at 1 and wanted to itch so bad. so i put some of that creme that you sent me and i was fine after that but ya i was freaking out like at 1 in the morning. super itchy! all we did today was buy food and im looking to buy some new pants cause the ones i have are not really slacks so i went looking for them today but they are super expensive.  and ya bear claw poppy is the best! it is super easy and just fun! (Rob and Dallin went biking at the Bear Claw Poppy trail in St. George over spring break). and ya the elders in the house are dope guys. Elder stringham was a zone leader for a while and for the last part of his mission he wanted to train so he is training elder Frica and elder frica is a super stud and plays bball like lebron james its insane.

im trying to send pics but he churches wifi broke so its a super bummer

oh i got the package with the calculator watch this week thanks!

ok a got to go now but thank a ton, love you 

In talking about his pants: (I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share because from my world, this is funny...I love that he is in Ecuador and thinks this is normal)

the ones that are slacks slacks. almost all the ones i have are like dockers stuff and i feel the need to be more obedient haha it sounds silly but i just want to.  The ones from mr mac are for my suit. the ones here are 40 bucks each. but i think i can find a way to buy just the fabric and send it to somone who can sew it

What!?!?! Sew pants?!?

well how much do the ones at mr mac cost and i dont know how is the material at mr mac and i dont want anything super hot i was going to buy at least 4. black blue and i like light grey if they have any 
ok a got to go now but thank a ton. if its cost more than 40 bucks a pair i just buy them here love you

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