Monday, June 20, 2016

June 13, 2016

Elder Rasaband!

This week was one to remember!! We had an great opportunity to listen to a apostle this week right here in Guayaquil!!!  the elder Ronald A Rasband came on saturday.  He spoke to all 3 of the guayaquil missions. But before he spoke we all got a chance to shake his hand! and our mission president told us all that we should look right into his eyes when we shake his hand because that might be the only time in our lives to look at an apostle of the lord right in the eyes. So i did and it is hard to describe the intense Spirit that i felt when i did.  After that he talked to us alot about smiling.  How we should always smile and show that we are truly in love with this gospel and that we are truly are representing Jesus Christ.  He also talked alot about discerning from the spirit, how that we have two things for us when we make decisions and two things against us. The 2 for us are, The light of Christ or his influence and example and the holy ghost.  the 2 that are against are, the natural man inside of us and Satin.  I really like that he mentioned the natural man because we all know that the natural man just wants to do the "good" or what is cool.  If anyone has ever felt peer pressure before that is the natural man, but if it is peer pressure to do something correct then it is the light of Christ and his example.  Sometimes we just talk ourselves out of a great decision cause we just reason it out and decide not to in the end.  So what he told us was that we need to go off the first impression from the spirit and not wait for ourselves to deny us from blessings.  

He also talked about prayer and that God is not Siri so when you ask something to him he is not immediately going to respond cause he his God and he has his way of getting info to us and sometimes it is fast but most of the time he wants to see us work for the answer ourselves.

I know that we have a prophet today and he lives and loves everyone of us very much.  He knows this life is not the easiest in the world and its not supposed to be.  We have to work for exaltation always and for blessing.
I asked if the packages I sent have come:
yes i got one of them with some pants i love them they are super fresh and way better than the others.

Also another experience that i had this week was when we were teaching a less active about temples and at this point he wasnt so less active he is doing good now but we were teaching about baptisms and i tried sharing the experience when we baptized gramps. and mom it was incredible. ive shared the same experience a billion times before and its never been so special.  So i always share that experience with all the people that we teach about temples cause its basically the only one i remember haha.  But my companion was actually the one to call on me to do it haha all he said was Well elder Blackhurst has and experience about temples and i wasnt planning to share it but all i told him is when i was younger i went with my dad to the temple to help my family receive all the ordinances of the temple and i explained the spirit i felt in that room when we did it that now gramps can receive exaltation too. and i really received a confirmation that they really need us and we really need them in order to be happy 1 here on earth and 2 in celestial glory (Gramps is my dad's dad.)

i got to go in like 2 minutes sorry i was a turd last week and didnt even write you guys.   I saw sister Stout (Bryce) this week and gave her a blessing. it was awesome. Im glad to hear that rex is doing good. she served in that same ward like 30 years ago!! I love how the lord did that haha

hey i got to go now but bye love you guys 

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