Monday, July 4, 2016


"They got baptized!  This is a family in Ventanas!"

Family in Ventanas that Caleb was teaching.
no they got babtised this last week but that pic was my last day in ventanas and elder mecham wrote me and told me that got it done im so happy!!

His letter to the group:

Well i got transferred!! im in duran but ive been here for like 3 weeks now i just suck at writing haha but things are going great here!! We have an investigador named Marco!! he is super dope he went to church yesterday and cause it was my favorite sunday in the entire world cause its fast sunday he got to listen to like 20 people bear there testimony about Jose smith!!  I felt the spirit really strong in the meeting and apparently he did too cause in the second hour of church i asked how he felt in the first hour and he said that he knew that Jose Smith was a prophet and that the book of mormon is the word of god!!! we are going to talk to him today more about it but im basically really excited about that!!!

Rob said he wished he could be there to add his testimonio:haha i wish you were too!!

I asked if he was still able to send pics from his phone but I meant camera:
what phone haha i know you mean camara haha and no the wifi in the church is crap but i had to delete a virus in the camara to send them now!!
it wouldnt let me send pics but now its good! what are you guys doing for the 4th today
yes i got the the letters from cammie and yes the second pair of pants came on tuesday

I asked how it was being a zone leader:
busy i have to send a ton of informes to president and the asistants but its fun at the same time i really like it
Rob asked him where his comp is from:
Elder Contreras de Trujillo Peru
but i have to go now i love you all happy fourth of July!!!

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