Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017

haha ya mom your right. i was reading my patriarchal blessing and it says that the lord will guide me AS i make these types of desiciones so i guess you're right i should just be patient. 

This week was a good week. We are teaching a family named The Sarco family. They are super great. Elder Contreras and i found them looking for members and getting to know the ward a little more. We used the directory and found this member named Jennifer. the members told us that it is a partial member family and that her parents are not members so we were like ya alright lets go.  Maximo is the dad he is a super humble guy his wife is named Rocio.  Maximo is a little shy but Rocio is not too bad.  They are super loving grandparents. Rocio goes to church quiet a bit. they knew the church a long time ago but they never got baptised cause they a not married and they were married before to other people but they were never divorced so legally if they want to be married they have to divorce and then get married. But it takes a while if the divorce is not mutual.  So they are both working really hard with a ward member that is a lawyer.  I really want them to be baptised the 15th of April. (dads birthday)  I know they can do it!! Brother Sarco attended the church for the first time.  He said he has attended a baptism but never the church.  We works so hard.  We even woke up earlier to eat breakfast with them and then we headed to church. 

Also 2 weeks ago a bulgarian canadian came to church.  He grew up in the orthadox church in bulgaria then this family moved to Canada.  and he says his mom taught him a lot about God. But then he said that he later stopped going to church.  We teach him in English because he doesnt know Spanish.  Its pretty fun this is the first time i've taught in English.  In church too i have to translate everything. He is a really bright kid. we taught him the restauracion and he really liked and surprisingly knew a lot about it. It seem logical to him that all the other churches talk about God and partially have the truth but none have authority because it was lost when the last apostles died.  

my companion is not Elder Contreras any more. my companion is Elder Hernandez. He is from Bogota Colombia!! he has a colombian accent like bad everyone here knows hes from Bogota just by the way he speaks.  its so funny.  anyway this happened 2 weeks ago its just its been busy so i have not written much sorry.  

I had some interchanges this week. i did one with Elder Acarapi on tuesday and Elder Hidalgo on Thursday.  It was fun to do interchanges with my old companions, because you can see the different attributes that they have picked up over time with other companions. Also Elder Contreras ends the mission in 4 weeks.  He is really trying to finish strong.  We still live in the same house. the house is made for 4 missionaries but we are cramming 6 haha its pretty tough haha.  

well family i love you so much i know you pray for me i think about it everyday. Thanks to you guys i know that this church is true im so glad God decided to put me in a family that supports my decision to serve the lord.
a leadership meeting. all the zone leaders and asistents

with my companion 

with the Sarco Family

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