Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17, 2017

Wow surprise visit from an apostle!! Last monday in an assistants council with president, president mentioned that Elder Christofferson is going to be in town for the Guayaquil South Mission.  He told us that it would be weird if he didnt invite us also.  So we waited not really expecting anything and president got a call on Wednesday saying that he invited all the zones with in 3 hours of Guayaquil. Luckily the mission is super small so the whole mission was invited and we all got to listen to an apostle!! Elder Christofferson is really cool!! He speaks spanish so he did the whole thing in spanish!! And speaks well also!! That is a real testimony to me that the Lord counts on his children to continue useing their talents to hasten the lords work!!  Elder Christofferson served his mission in a spanish speaking country and i imagine that he still studied after he got home from his mission!  

Anyways he and a General Authority Seventy named Elder Montoya and their wives and spoke to us!!  They talked about a bunch of different topics but a few stood out to me more than others.  He said If we really love the people we teach we will teach them truth, We are here to teach not to be taught, If they dont want to listen make sure you are good with filling out the area book because maybe they will be more ready later on.  

He also spoke of teaching skills,  Sometimes we focus so much about covering material that we forget about the person that we are teaching!! I so glad the he said something like that because I am always worried about that in the mission.  Its just poor teaching... Getting through the lessons is like a homework assignment!! Boring They will never listen to us. We have to love them!! 

Anyway that was probably the highlight of the week because thats the second apostle that has came!!  We didnt work in the sector this week cause we were with president Riggins traveling for interviews.  Its really neat cause president has us interviewing too about some topic that he worries about and a lot of what we said in the few interviews before we listened to Elder Christofferson we spoke of some of the same things!! Obviously he said it way better but it was fun to see another testimony! 

I know Christ Lives i love him very much and i want to please him!!  I know that he suffered for me on the cross and died and then resurrected on the 3rd day. That gives me a lot of hope because the death has no victory!! Imagine! Something so cruel, dark, and mysterious like death cannot win because Christ already beat it!! I know he lives and loves us and forgives us for our mistakes! love you guys a ton and i love you dad!! I know it was your birthday on Saturday!! I thought about you all day and i really appreciate having a loving earthly father and loving heavenly father! Wow im really blessed!
hey i got to go! but i love you guys so much and i pray for you daily! The Sarco family is not going to be baptised for another year but the good part is is that he is going to get divorced to his last wife the bad part is is that his last wife doesnt want the divorce but doesnt want him. cause if something bad happens to him she gets a bunch of money... Evil.. she'll know judgment day... anyway because she doesnt want to he has to wait a year to be married with the women that he is with now. 
bye love you guys!!

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