Monday, November 2, 2015

October 26, 2015

i didnt send one this week haha because nothing really new happened excet my compain bought a rugby ball and he is in love with it!! at so we all played as a zone today and it was super fun

I asked if he got the BYU football we sent for his birthday and if he could reinflate it.

ya there is a member that owns a bike shop so he pumped it up for me thank you by the way that was super nice im wearing one of the byu shirts right now lol

i didnt say nothing happened.  nothing new happened all we do is teach and walk teach and walk and look for people to teach its not a bad thing even tho i just made it sound bad i love it here and i know that im serving
we are teach a really cool family of three they went to church the first 2 hours then bolted.  i hope they didnt get scared off because the lesson in the class for the investigadors was the law of chastity and maybe that was awkward for them cause they are not married and here in ecuador it is kinda awful with that.  they just think if it is nature that man wants this stuff that is all good ugh i hate it!!  the world can really be messed up sometimes but i loved the lesson i just hope they were actually trying to get some thing out of it

ya also another kid is super cool and honestly i almost know for certain that he will be babtised!! he only has 19 years but he is super mature and stuff and just soaks up everything we teach him and he is like as tall as me and black which is really cool cause almost no body is tall here 

ya its pretty cool today we are going to a family home evening and this guy is ttying to learn english for buisness and stuff so me and elder ashman and gunna teach him a little sumthing
Conner just emailed me he said he gets to drive a 2015 nissian truck i was pretty tict when i heard that haha
I asked if he could teach English to people (like in a class).  A sweet lady named Carmen told me that he helps her learn English.  She loves the missionaries. She threw Caleb his surprise party and sent tons of pictures to me.  We messaged each other for an hour.  We love her!  And she loves to take care of the missionaries.
i dont know maybe i feel like i do any way it is really fun to teach english!! ya carmen told me all about your little chat she really really loves you!!

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