Sunday, November 27, 2016

November 14, 2016

The field is ready!!
 This week has been great!!  Its been full of following the spirit. We had to do 2 interchanges with the district leaders this week and i got a chance to be with them both.  I really was reminded of something this week that i hope i never forget.  If you really want to help someone, you must love them and know them.  And not just know the way they work or their family but what they want to accomplish in life and what they have accomplished in life.  If they think that their accomplishments have value to do them or are they just events.  I was able to see that when i listen they listen.  When i teach they too teach.  But when am angry they too are angry.  When i am frustrated they are frustrated.  You reap what you sow haha.  The two interchanges that i went on this week were very edifying.  This week we also had a group service project in Buena Fe.  We helped paint a city office building because the president of Ecuador went to Buena Fe that week and we offered to help clean before he came it was really fun.  I know that the president really apriecated the Mormons because his wife is actually a Mormona haha.  So he thinks that we are really dope! 
Yesterday was a great day.  This whole week has been kinda tuff because we have had a few meetings to go to and this big service project so we havent been in our sector for too much time.  But God really wanted to help us out because he really loves us.  Yesterday towards the end of the day we found a family of 5!! and they are so ready.  Ive never seen such listening and intrigued ears in my entire life.  We spoke to them that God Loves everyone of his children and only wants the best for them.  We explained the comanment of Baptism and how it is a way to erase the mistakes that we have commited in the past and to start over and turn a new blank page.  We were promted to read with them when Jesus was baptized and how he really showed an example.  And we asked them why they think that Jesus was baptized by Juan not just any other dude on the street and i think i saw a light bulb pop up in everyone of their heads and they all said because he was chosen.  That is when we told them of the youg boy that was also chosen from God and received his authority.  They were all very interested and wanted to know more.  We committed them all to be baptized the 31st of December!! They are going to have a great new year!!  Its a family of 3 kids. One has 25 years the other is 19 and the little girl is 12 so they can all be baptized together.  
well a bunch of other stuff happened too but i dont have enough time to write it all 
Choa Amigos!!
i wanted to know if i could buy a suit for christmas. there is a guy that sells them here for 100 bucks
hows president Trump doing hehe
yes and i have to go right now and thanks for the suit my suit right now is a wreck, its got like abunch of holes in it haha
i love you and i wanted you to do a favor, can you just send a text or somthing to Will and tell him that i love him and im thinking about him because i heard that he is not doing to well right now, its kinda seemed like its all just been down hill for him since i left ha ha

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