Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November 7, 2016

Sorry i didnt write last week its been a little tough on time lately haha but i still love you guys dont worry.  Today we went to the registro Civil because we are helping 2 families to be married and after to be baptized.  Its been super busy and its honestly tough to tell you everything in words but its been going by so fast lately.  I hope you guys had a great halloween.  On monday i was so buisy that i forgot it was halloween the whole day haha but thanks for celebrating it for me!!!!  I really love working.  Ive noticed that its has become a passion.  like baseball is sometimes a passion for others and football for others.  Well i decided that this is my passion.  I honestly dont want to stop doing it.  haha.  The only thing that stresses me sometimes is not having enough time during the day to get all the things done.  There is literally not enough time in the day todo all that i want haha

the familys are the Rodriguez and the family Cadena

they were already being taught 
Sing happy birthday to cammie for me and if dad can do it in spanish

how was halloween

the pics are great allyssa nailed it!!! and I love the moon boots!!! (the moon boots are Caleb's)
Allyssa's inspriration


well i got to go mom and dad i really love you guys and always think of you of examples and brag to my companion and investigadores about how great youve done has parents!! I really love you guys

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