Monday, June 5, 2017

May 22, 2017

You'll never believe it. i got transfered again!! im here in Ventanas again! in the same Branch that i was in before!! I love it here!! I remember that i only had one tranfer here before and i wanted to stay for more time but looks like the Lord really doess love me!!" He sent me back. i know that im only going to be here for 3 weeks before i go home but im dying pretty good!! Im with a new companion named Elder Jarvis! he is from Orem Utah and knows a bunch of people from Lone Peak!! he is a really chill kid i can tell he has got his head in baptizing people and honestly looking back on my past companions ive noticed that the ones that i enjoyed the most are the ones that have not just their actions in the work but even their thoughts!! the house that we are in is great too its my old companion from the MTC and a new chileano missionary!! I really love it here.

This last week in Bellavista was great,  We taught alot of people this week!! 
(I told him...I think the Lord needed you to get a little of taste America in these last two comps so you will actually get on the plane...haha)
hahaha i know right i totally thought that too!! i got to go thanks a ton for all that you do!!

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