Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5, 2017

My last email.  

dont feel like this is real...

This week went great our investigadores are suddenly starting to be more interested in the message this week. alot of them finally accepted to be baptized! One lady that has been taught on and off by the missionaries for about 30 years said " i think its time now" with a seemingly sigh of relief

another while we were teaching sincerely asked his son if he too would like to be baptized and he said YA!! 

Got word too that in Quevedo a lady that has not been able to be baptized for like 6 months but believes in the church and everything even goes to institute is getting baptized because her fiance moved out of the house (they are getting married in December) he moved out so that she could get baptized sooner!  shes getting baptized this Saturday! 

Well because its my last email i have to say thanks to my family. they have all ways written to me and have always been there in thick or thin i really love them and feel truly blessed!! 

thanks to my bud Darrin too He is a stud always been there

i freakin love the mission i think is the best place to prepare for life. im so grateful that i went and enjoyed the experience of being a missionary!! i truly love it here and it sucks that i got to leave but im happy i get to see my family again!! 

haha thanks dad for the email love you guys a ton thank you for always being there!! cant wait to see you 
haha love you mom il see you in a week haha 😀😖 
well i got to go see you in a week!

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