Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 18, 2016

Alright first i need to mention that it is my mom´s birthday on tuesday so everyone needs to say happy birthday to her when they get the chance!!!

This week was really cool. We have an investigador preparing to be baptized named froilan and he is super pumped too!!!  he really understands why we need to repent and be baptized and super pumped to do it this saturday!!!  we only have been visiting him for like 3 weeks haha and he is just so pumped up in the church and there is a ton of kids his age and he´s a super dope dood!!! 

Also i really realized the power of God this week!!!  He is insanely powerful and has lent us his power to perform miracles!!!  One of the ways we can preform miracles is through the blessings of houses!!  We found 4 new families in one hour just offering blessings house to house!!! and we showed them the power of God in everyone!!!  Everyone of these families is special in there own ways but they all have one thing in common and that is that they are all sons and daughters of the one true living God and he loves them so much that he sent his only begotten (and the missionaries) to them!!! 

I need to keep this short cause i dont have too much time but i know God lives and blesses us and im super pumped for everyone of you because all of you have the potential to do good in every day and all we have to do is listen for what God wants you to do thru the holy ghost!!!
ya i hope you guys like the pics this place is super pretty and the people and really cool and accepting.

I asked about his companion and house mates:

Elder Oyler is from Utah and Elder Agueta my companion is from Guatamala and Elder Alvarado is from Peru.

 (Referring to the picture below.  Rob said Caleb looked more like he was supervising than actually digging.)  Haha ya we were just moving dirt and yes this guy that we found is a inactive but a returned missionary and still has a testimony kinda but his family is a different religon so its hard for him to leave his family and come back to the church so he wants us to come and teach his family and stuff too!!  But ya he loves to talk and i was talking to him a ton so ya i kinda was just supervising. haha

but i was on a intercambio when i took those pics so thats the explanation 

happy birthay i love you all

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