Monday, January 11, 2016

Jaunary 4, 2016

Well this week was actually kinda insane cause it was new years and im in a new sector so i was doing my best to remember names of members and investigadors and where they live and stuff its a little tricky but i think i know just about everyone now maybe haha

New years is nuts here haha they make this giant paper mache doll things that are huge then on new years they burn them in a huge fire and its super funny cause they also pack them with fire works so when they go up they just explode haha i filmed like a 15 minute video but i cant send anything that big but ya it was pretty dope and not that many countries do it either only Ecuador and Peru is all i heard that actually do it.  They spend like 6 months making these super huge detailed projects and then in one night they burn them all up and go crazy haha

Also on new years eve there are a bunch of guys dressed up in dresses begigng for money and some of them are kinda violent one guy was asking for money and i told him i didnt have any and he started touching me all over my body and for my pockets and i almost lost my temper but im trying to be more Christ like so i pretended to laugh but deep down i wanted to punch him in the face.  I was actually kinda mad at myself after that i didnt but i just had to keep telling myself what Christ would have done if it happened to him plus if i did i know Satan would make the situation so much bigger and the whole town would be talking about how the mormons punch people and pray to Joseph Smith ugh. 

Other than that we have 4 baptismal dates right now and most of them are promising so thats cool.  One thing that i noticed about Babahoyo is that the people here are alot more open to hear what youve got to say but in Guayaquil it was a little tougher and the people there are a little more prideful. 

Well that is just about what happened this week and i hope everyone is reading the book of mormon cause i know that it is proof and evidence that this church is the church of god and that is why we have the book is for proof that it is.  It is undeniable evidence that the kingdom of god IS on the earth today and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God called to restore the church of Christ but God knew that if Joseph Smith were just to start a church it would look just like all the others so he called him to translate the book so that we could hold it in our hands and read it and really know that this truely is the church of God so if your not reading it, it means you are taking everything that Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ did here on the earth in vain.  So it is the start of a new year and i challenge everyone of you to start with 1 Nephi 1:1 and finish it before the end of the year so this i leave with you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

oh i forgot to mention that we had to be in the house by 8 o clock (on New Year’s Eve) but we live on a three story building and live on the second floor and the 3rd floor is all like a big patio with a tin roof so we watched the maddness from up there it was super funny.  the food is pretty much the same. half plate of rice and half plate chicken”
Teaching in Babahoyo

Fireworks on New Year's Eve

Paper Mache that is set fire and filled with fire works on New Year's Eve

More Paper Mache filled with fireworks for New Year's Eve

And more

Caleb's new companion Elder Argueta and his house mates

Look at all the TALL Americans!  Even TALLER than Caleb!

At the bus station headed to Babahoyo, his second area

Food in Ecuador


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