Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

This week was Great Froilan is going to be babtised next week and im super pumped for him.  Ive been studing a tone in preach my gospel about love and it has really blessed me aton. the amout of love and charity that Jesus and heavanly father have for us is insane.  They both know us so well and knows our stenghths and weaknesses and they both know what is best for us.  I know that it is all because of Jesus Chist´s atonment for us that we can feel the love for us.  As ive been studing i just couldnt help but think of my family and my freinds and for all the great things they have done for me and after that i just wanted to share it with others and it really improved my teaching because i really have the desire to help these people.  and im really gratful for all the triales that i have had and am going to have because i know that everyone just makes my stronger. I also know without them we wouldnt be able to feel the joy in life.  If we dont know the bitter we cant know the sweet. I know this gospel is true and i know that everyday i feel like im growing closer to god and i know this gospel is where i find the sweet and i love that.

i dont have pics but it rained a butt load haha this week the streets are starting to flud and i miss driving in puddles haha

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