Monday, March 28, 2016

March 14, 2016

Sorry this is so is the update for this week.

Caleb decided to only tell us he was on the computer without actually writing a letter to us, and then he spent most of his time writing the "other Caleb Blackhurst" who is serving in the Texas San Antonio Mission.  Haha!  That's read correctly...there is another Caleb Blackhurst.  So we found out about him shortly after our Caleb received his mission call.  I'm not great at posting things on social media cites (although I read a lot of stuff on them), but our Bishop (we will call him Bishop Johnson..........because that is his name.....haha) didn't really know that so he searched for Caleb's mission call post on Instagram.  He found "a" Caleb Blackhurst who had been called to the Texas San Antonio Mission.  Bishop Johnson was so excited!!  He knows I have family there.  So when he called to tell us that Caleb's mission call was so exciting and mentioned San Antonio.  Rob was confused, of course, and wondered why he thought Caleb's call was to San Antonio, since it was to the Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission.  The result...we found "another" Caleb Blackhurst!!  So then I messaged him to tell him this funny story.  He thought it was great and he closed his message to me by saying..."oh, and by the way, my mom's name is Jenn, too".  Such a small world.  The church sure makes it even smaller sometimes.  So she and I made contact and we enjoy checking on each other's Calebs.  Great family!

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