Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

Well i dont have alot of time but this week was alright my companion ended the mission this week so he will be home on tuesday so this week was not that productive at all cause all he wanted to do was talk to members and stuff but i dont really blame him cause he just ended the mission and i wasnt in the mood to yell at him or anything so i just basically just let him do his thing.  so i call that week the crap week and what me and my new compy are going to do it thro it in the trash and work super hard hahah but ya that ok i know that every missionary has a bad week and i know thru the atonment we can do better!  but we did have a babtism that was not planned at all so before she told us that she didnt want to get babtised anymore but on thursday she told us that she did and 2 weeks before that there was a bunch of crap happening that i dont want to talk about so basically we almost never went to her house but we have taught all the lessons and more and she has 3 attendances at the church so we schelduled the interview on friday and was babtised on saturday and comfirmed on sunday!  She asked if i could do the comfirmation and so i did and that was the first comfirmation i have done it was super cool.  i really felt the spirit when i said Recieve the Holy Ghost! i felt as if i was really helping her for the rest of her life.  

I testify of the power of the holy ghost i know that it is true and i know that it testifies of the truth and guides us everyday!  

Sister Narcisa Cordova from Babahoyo, Ecuador sent these pictures to me...Angels are everywhere!

Easter 2016 from Sister Cordova
After lunch at Sister Cordova's

More after lunch at Sister Cordova's

Always a goof ball for the camera!  (even Sister Cordova's camera)

Elder Argueta, Sister Cordova and Elder Blackhrust

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