Friday, March 11, 2016

March 7, 2016


Caleb and Rob had a chance to visit back and forth...unfortunately for the rest of us, but fun for them, most of it was in Spanish! :/

Rob: Hola!  Como fue este semana pasada?

Caleb: haha todo bien! como le fue en the middle of no where aka wiliston jaja?  Han visto los misioneros por alla?

Rob: Bueno. La problems es que nunca puedo encontra les en sus apartemiento.  Hay diez misionaros en Williston ahora!  Que loco no?  Creo que los misionaros que viven en el mismo apartemiento que yo son Zonies.  Creo que Williston mismo es un zone.

Caleb: oh wow ahorita nosotros tenemos 14 en babahoyo pero yo creo que babahoyo es mas grande que wiliston y yo supongo que ellos tienen carros y bicicletas.

Rob: Well I don't know how big Babahoyo is but Williston is probably about 50k.  And si creo que hay algunos que tienen bicicletas y los Zonies tienen un auto.  Ustedes no tienen bicicletas?  A mi personalmente me gusta caminando porque se puede hablar con mas jente cuando esta caminando.  Yo camino la majoria de mi mission.

Caleb: i dont know what you had on your mission but i got two well working legs that i use! haha but really the whole mission just walks.  if we had bikes they would get robbed really fast! haha

(I can't read Spanish, but basically, Caleb asked if the missionaries in Williston have bikes.  Rob said some do but the zone leaders have cars, and then asked if Caleb ever road a bike or other transportation.  Caleb's response was very "Rob/Caleb-like" and priceless!  Refer to Caleb's response just above in English...haha!)
Caleb also wrote:  today we went to montalvo as a zone it was super fun we went to this spot were there is a river and everything and just messed around and stuff! i have pics but i will send them later oh and the reason why i couldnt send them befor is cause the church change the wifi password and im super mad cause they said it was because to many people were on haha but i figured it out now so im good now

well i have to go now because its already 6 and we are late. so it was good talking to you dad! i feel like i had a question for you befor but i cant remember now sorry but i will  write it down.  love you dad ill talk to you next week!

Excuse me Mr. Indiana Jones, why are you walking across that bridge...Your mother!





Where is the 5th guy?!

This is what happens during the rainy season...which is all the time!





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