Monday, May 2, 2016

April 25, 2016

Service week and picture time!

Thanks dad! love you too!  keep studying isaiah but keep looking up the words of 2 nefi too cause i have found that it helps a ton hah i feel like nefi, my father studies the words of isaiah!

He sent some pictures of the service they have been doing.

oh ok ya the service was super fun!  you can tell that a lot a people are in need over here. right now there are 12 families living in the stake center and my church is the stake center so this week we only had sacrament meeting and next week we will have church in another building in the city.  at 2 in the afternoon its insane haha.

ya thats true we are super blessed!  but what is worst is in manabi and esmeraldas its bad.  A bunch of members of the ward went over there and came back saying that they dont even have water to drink so i think the ward is going to try to plan more activities to help them out over there 

ya i heard that they had to close a few zones over there and the misioneros had to find there own way back to guayaquil and had to walk forever haha im glad im not there haha no but i imagine that they are doing a ton!!!  oh also president just told us elder rasband will be coming to quayaquil!! im super pumped he comes 11 de june!! its going to be really cool!!but we are going to have to meet as all 3 guayaquil missiones in one spot i dont know how they are going to do it haha!

also i need your help so there is this chick named Jennifer Salas and she and her little brother are having a hard time right now cause there mom doesnt like the chuch cause sometimes they get home like a 930 at night from activities and the mom gets mad at them. so do you think you could write her a letter she is like 19 or 18 years old and her little brother is 16 and she needs help so you could just write her an email and i will give it to her but ask dad to help you translate it and maybe hunter or max too but just share personal experiences about you 

thanks mom and i have to go now but i love you so much and thanks for raising me to be a good boy

This is the missionaries and members of the church giving service after the earthquake.

This is how they iron clothes.

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