Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 16, 2016

Sorry i have not writen in a while but im still alive!! haha So in Babahoyo i had and experience that was super cool. so the bishop in our ward was showing us a few houses with less active people and we were looking for this family that the bishop felt that could be reactivated with in 3 months so we went looking and looking and we were like crossing ponds and the bishops wife had heels on so she was freaking out haha but is all good anyway we were probably looking for a good hour and asking people  where the house was and we asked this dood and i had a really strong impression to share somthing with him about the church and turned out he was a preacher in another church and he started yelling at us and stuff like mormons are wrong and stuff so i was like ok that sucked and we started to walk away when this lady comes out of no where is was like hey wait wait!!  And she was the lady that we were looking for!!!!  her house was kinda far away from where we were but she said so looked out the window and saw a dood with tie and a white church and she thought now they cant be form my church they are talking to that preacher guy they must be missionaries of his church but she said somthing told her to look back so she did and she wasnt sure so she decied to come and talk to us that is why so was yelling wait and stuff!! so i beleive that is was the spririt that told me to talk to the preacher guy that turned out to not want anything so that she could see us and talk to us. Turns out she has a lot a problems in the family with her husband and its really sad cause he thinks she cheated on him and stuff but we talked and we told them the only way that things were going to get better is if they start going to church again and reading as a family and praying as a family and they went to church that sunday!! then i got transfered!!! ahhhhh!! hah no its all good now im here in Ventanas and i love it here!! my companion is from las vegas!! he is super dope and played football and stuff and was super swoll before the mish but he lost it all cause he has almost been out here for 2 years now and is going home in july but we are having alot of fun here we weeled a cripled dood to church last sunday and he said he liked it and would like to come every week if we come and pick him up every week!!! im down with that he is a super sweet guy!!  he has diatbeetys so he lost both feet and one arm so he doesnt to much with his life anymore but we are going to help him out

i know god and my savior live and know they loves me and their children i know that is is the true church and that joseph smith was a profet called to restor the church of god and he did a great job!!! i know im here today cause of him!!!

After this FANTABULOUS letter, we couldn't seem to go back and forth.  His emails were coming at weird times of the day, but we did get a short little nugget toward the afternoon, long after he was on the computer.  I had asked him a couple of questions:

*Was this a normal time for transfers?  We have lost track of normal transfer times.  the normal time is sunday night like a 11 in the night i dont know why because it sucks to start packing that late but that is how it is.  i left at 9 oclock in the morning so i slept a good 4 hours or so haha
*Are you still a district leader? I'm guessing not?  Well i wasnt this whole week and i kinda enjoyed it haha cause Elder mecham was district leader and all i did was help but we got a call from the zone leaders today and they said that now im going to be the district leader and that Elder mecham is training me to be a zone leader.  so i got to enjoy being a lesser companion for a week but back to the grind.

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