Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016

Well, not much of an update because we spent the entire time going back and forth about when he can call for Mother’s Day.  The important part is that HE CAN CALL FOR MOTHER’S DAY!!!  Woohoo!!

There are a few little nuggets of info that he mentioned.

I asked how things were going with the cleanup efforts:

“ya nobody is doing anything here anymore.  In Ecuador when things fall all the people just forget about it so all the houses that fell are just sitting there in the water cause no body bothers to do anything, haha but the families that lost there homes just moved out of the church so now we can use our church”

Another nugget of info:

“ill try to send more pics next week i suck at taking pics cause i dont want to look like a tourist. like today in the mall we were just eating our food and a bunch of teenage girls came up and were like we want to take a selfie with you guys cause your gringos and stuff and we had to explain to them that we are not here to take pics with teenage girls we are here to preach the gospel haha they go super disinterested after that haha”

And now my favorite nugget of info:

“somthing really cool happend this week that i need to share with everyone to so next week ill have to write! but i have to go right now sorry to leave you on a cliff hanger hehe but i need to go cause weve been in here for ever”


So there you go…that’s all we get this time.  He will try to call sometime on Sunday (Mother’s Day), when we aren’t at church.  Ugh!  Wish us luck J

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