Monday, August 15, 2016

August 1, 2016

No full letter today:  Here is the basics of the conversation.

I asked Caleb if he knew an elder there who has a cousin in Cedar Hills.  And we asked what he wants for his birthday...

"ya i knew him i was really cool. and no i dont know what i would use. like ties maybe and pants would be the most useful"

I asked if he had found people to teach...

"yes we found 5 but we will see if they really want to progress

no mom i know what i want for my birthday. The cuad in spanish. they just barly came out and i really want one

also i need the recipe of no bake cookies we want to make a bunch for the sisters that give us food.  

and it would be awsome too if you could put my name on it. Elder Blackhurst

also i need you guys to think of a time when it was been super super hard economically and you guys really had to turn to the lord to fix it. cause  there is a lot of people here that have that problem and it is really tough for them.  its tough for me too cause i have not really ever had to deal with that so im just like uuuuu hang in there i guess. so i thought well i know a really really good couple that i imagine has had problems and challenges like that and its u guys.
ok well i have to get going now and i love you guys a ton and i hope allyssa had a great week"

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