Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016

Well sorry i havent written in a while it has been kinda slow this past month but im doing alright here!! I love Duran! in 2 weeks we are going to hold an activity thats called discover the book of Mormon!!! Im pretty pumped about it cause we only printed 200 invitacions!!!! and we are expecting the city to come!! haha now im just kinding but we really did print 200 invitacions and gave them to members on sunday so they could help us.  And this ward though!! We are going to bring it back to life here!! All the members are stoked about the activity and they all want to do somthing! This past week milagros happened!! I was reminded this week that i need to be patient with the people that i teach and love them and work my guts out so they can progress.  I also was reminded that i need to look for the chosen people of the lord. the people that want more light and truth in their lives!! The people with holes in their hearts that need to be filled.  And i learned to love!!!  I have to love the people that i teach like christ does!!  If i dont, im not representing him!!  I know this month is going to be the miricle month! As a zone we are going to have 13 babtismes on the 27th!! I know they are going to be babtised!! we are tring to follow up everyday with these 13 people until they get babtised!

Well that is basically what is going on here in Duran!!!

So last week i printed off 3 letters that you wrote for me and the one from dad and the one from Josh.  And im pretty dang sure you we all inspired by God to write me the letters.  Cause I learned alot from them! You taught me patients and dad taught me to look for the people that will actually look for god in their lives. and josh taught me to love and we fought 9 new investigadors this week!! i was pretty sick!! cause i feel like 3 angels sent from God answered my prayer!! Thanks guys

well i have to go now cause its getting late so i love you guys and hope you guys have a great week

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