Monday, August 15, 2016

August 8, 2016

thanks for writing me mom it actually has been a kinda rough week.  I feel like i should be doing more but i dont have time.  its literally been hard to pray im so tired. i keep wanting to fall asleep.  And i know i shouldnt just focus on the numbers i feel like they are bad and im not doing everything that i should sometimes

alright ill try. ill do my best dont worry.

well this week we had to present an activity to the ward council that we are going to do about the book of mormon.  The participants will go to the year 600 bc and find lehi and he will send them to laban to get he plates but it will be really fun if all goes well.  But that means that everyone has to do there part like perfectly so it all works out haha and the zone we have to do better.  its just been hard to find time to do all the things good

well i have to go now i love you guys like every week hope you guys have a good one

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