Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 10, 2016

Dear Family i love you guys thanks for the letters and your prayers. The work is going great here!! Brother Silva is getting ready for his baptism. we decided that it would be better that he gets baptized the 22nd.  i was actually kinda scared to tell him because he is really ready for his baptism its just that the area presidency has said that for someone to be baptized they have to attend church 3 times for the 3 hours and right now he has 2 so we moved the date from the 15th to the 22nd.  But we told him and he was just fine with it. he said if thats what God wants for me right now thats just fine with me.  I love that guy!  the last time we visited him we had him make a list of all the people that he knew.  There was about 15 names and one was dead and he only knew where about 10 lived. we did that so that his buddies come to the baptism.  But we asked about the one that died and he said oh that is his best friend and his son.  I knew he had a son that died but i hadnt really asked about it very much (i know stupid right?) hah but we started talking and talking about the temple work and it made him even more excited!! wow i really love him.  right now he is our only legit investigador.  from there we dont have very much more. we are trying to find other ways to find.  I really dont like talking negative about anything here but the ward that we are assigned to is DEAD like really dead like they dont want to do anything so i was thinking and praying about it alot and i thought of a plan.  I noticed that they are disanimated (I think he means discouraged) because  they always get rejected. so they dont want to do it anymore.  its awful, like what they said in the general conference talk haha so we are thinking of more ideas to excite the ward.  if you guys have any ideas that you guys could tell me that i could do or tell the bishop that he could do it would be great!! thanks guys love you!!

ya i was pretty much was getting choked up about it when we were explaining it haha and i just want a picture of the old fire place because i told a dad in the ward how much fun we have those family nights when we roast marshmallows and he was excited about it cause its a really great idea. but i need a pic of the old one cause its a little more basic 

its a good idea ive almost exhausted the whole list i almost know everyone here haha but i get the pic next week cause i got to go but i need the old one cause there is no way in heck he is going to be able to make the new one only the super rich of the rich can make that kind of stuff here and he is a humble guy you know what i mean.

well i love you guys a ton and ill here from you next week tell Jared im proud of him and i also want his email.

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