Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 24, 2016

hey guys this week was a great week.  Hermano Silva got baptized!! we were so excited!! So we went to the church on saturday morning to clean a bit and fill the baptismal fount.  So we cleaned really good so that the spirit could be present and tried filling the fount but there was no water!! haha the problem about Ecuador is that they really struggle with water!! So we called the counceler and he came to check it out.  So in Ecuador they have these things called sisternas. a Sisterna is basically a giant tank of water that is outside of the house underground and the house or the church is this case takes water from the sisterna to wash hands and do all the things with water that it needs to do.  So we looked in the sisterna and nothing bone dry.  So we called and called and the counseler got some guy to fill it up with his giant tanker of water. so he came and filled it all the way up. so we tryed again and still nothing. turns out the pump had broke and so we had no way of getting the water to the fount!!! So we had basically had no idea what we shouldve done.  so we decided to fast that day. we ate lunch and after lunch we started our fast. we told God that we had done everything that was in our hands and that we still needed help.  We worked all day that day and went to the church at 6 to see if it had been repaired. Nope but we found something better!! We found our elders quorom president bucketing water all the way from the sisterna to the fount haha.  We used the giant garbage cans to fill with water and then roll them a good 30 yards inside the church to the faunt!! it took for ever.  pretty soon 7 oclock came strolling along and it wasnt even close to being completly full!! it was up to the 2nd step thats like 3 feet!! but we had to start.  So thats the story of why the hermano Medardo Silva was baptized sitting down.  he sat down in the water then his son in law baptized him from his knees.  but it was a great service there was about 30 people in attendence and his family sang families can be together for ever for him and i honestly wanted to cry... haha

Thanks Cammie i love you too!!! I also cried when i left but then i realized that its not good to cry while doing something so happy!!
hey i got transfered also i forgot to mention that.

Im in a town called Quevedo, my companion is Elder Acarapi from Bolivia!! also remember my companion Elder contreras.  well now he is a asistent its nuts.  Im still a zone leader in the zone Quevedo Norte!!

well i got to go i love you guys ill send pics of the baptism next week

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