Wednesday, October 12, 2016

September 26, 2016

HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY!!!   Since we couldn't celebrate with Caleb, and his birthday happened to fall on a p-day, I asked family and friends to flood his email box with birthday wishes....

im tring to read all of the emails. thanks for telling them that is was my birthday!! 

I don't know what this says, but he and Rob do so here it is: 
gracias papa!! haha, si la gente tiene dinero pero no me voy a desanimar porque yo se que la gente con dinero son los futuros lideres!! y mi proposito es edificar el rieno de Dios aqui en Duran para que cuando Jesucristo venga en su gloria, encuentra una jardin buenisima!!
hey we have an investigador named Medardo Silva.  He as a baptismal date for the 15th of octubre but was a little unsure about it.  We invited him to fast on saturday and sunday so he did and in the sacrament meeting at the end we sang teach me to walk in the light and he said that just did it for him.  It was incredible, he said that that was his answer the way he felt in that hymn was something he had never felt before, he said he felt clean and pure inside.  he got a little teary eyed as he tried to explain what he felt.  I honestly think that was the best experience i have ever had on my entire mission.  He is very excited about his baptism now.  it was really been hard in his life.  before he was a drunk and his kids just kicked him out so he used to sleep in the street begging for money so he can drink more, but now has completely changed I really love that guy!!

also read my patriarchal blessing this week and wow i am a child of God.  those were the words of God i could not believe it!

I asked if he did anything fun on his birthday....he said,
i really just want to take a nap... haha

i have pics to show you but i will have to send them next week cause there is a fun walk that you can do

well i got to go next week i think im just going to send a big email instead of chat cause you are right i dont want it to be a distraction and yes i got the birthday package i love the cuad i use it a ton

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