Monday, December 12, 2016

December 10, 2017

Well i got transferred again now im in Guayaquil.  Its pretty cool here and ive already had some great experiences.  This last tuesday we picked up a group of missionaries from the airport and i really love these guys you can tell they worked super hard to learn the language because a few of them already came with a bunch of scritures memorized. And i asked one of them what motivated him to work so hard to memorize scriptures and i could really see the sincereness that he has for teaching. he said thats its because he wants to teach by the spirit. and the spirit cant work with an empty tank. It needs ammo.  It really made me think about the importance of memorizing not just as missionaries but as normal people too.

hey mom and dad i have like no time to write right now but i got transferred.  I work in the office now with president as one of his asistents.  so this whole week weve been working like bees and i almost have not working in my sector haha weve actually have only worked there 3 hours this whole week. President is tring to make this christmas perfect or somthing haha.  But way way buisy. Thats also why im writing on saturday. cause pday in the office is saturday. im excited to day because we get to to exchanges with the zone leaders and that is going to be fun!! Choa tell the family that i love them

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