Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 26, 2016

hey im on real fast. I forgot my camera in the house but i promise you to send them the next time, and dad because i couldn't explain where i lived very well on sunday these are the cordinates to the house that we live in. Its right in front of a baseball park. yes they do use the park but only for softball and no there not very good. haha 

-2.174379, -79.900483 

Just copy and paste these coordinates in google maps and im sure that it will come up.  but our actual tracting area is called Sauces 2 Sauces 7 and Sauces 9 and a little of an area called the Garzota.  

hey also when you guys asked me about the day that i have to go home i was thinking about it and i really didnt know at that point cause i usually dont like to think about it not because i dont want to see you guys but its cause its really cool here. and its fun to see that. cause at the start of my mission i honestly didnt like ecuador. I thought it was dirty, i thought they served too much rice, i thought a bunch of stuff that i shouldnt have thought haha, but its cool cause the little things that dirty, or too much rice doesnt even matter anymore to me.  So thats why but i ended up asking president cause i was thinking about it, and he said because he is leaving at the end of June like i think the 28th and there will be a new president the misionaries that have to leave would be like 2 weeks before or i could extend 6 weeks and be able to help out a new president for 4 weeks. But i dont know yet. haha looks like i have some praying to do ahah. 
well there is not much to inform about the investigadors cause we basically dont have any. This whole past week we have been stressing out about these pictures. We tried really hard to get them all out. I honestly havent felt so stressed bout somthing in my entire life mostly because some of the pictures got mixed up so it ruined 187 pictures and i had to fix it. but thats alright. Elder Contreras and i made ourselves detectives and figured out how to fix it!! so its all good.

Also there will be a huge change in missionary work now!! There will be a world wide training this January and they are going to change the schedual!! I know nuts! that means Dallins mission is not going to be the same as the most part of mine and not even close to Joshs. They are going to have to come out with a new mission manuel and everything!! but he didnt tell us much he just said the mission presidents are going to have a little more wiggle room to change things and so are the missionaries. like Study time is not just going to happen just at one espfesific hour. It going to happen at a time when the missionaries think its best. 

any ways sorry i dont have my camera i promise ill send them next week

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