Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 17, 2016

This was written on Monday, December 19
hey mom and dad

(I asked these questions and he answered)

1. What was your ward called in Quevedo?
in Quevedo it was the Quevedo north stake. the Nicolas Infante ward. 

2.  What is your ward called now?
Now its the Kennedy Stake, Isidio Ayora ward.  luckly there is a companionship of hermanas here too because its really hard to work the sector haha. 

3.  What should we plan for Christmas skyping?  (Assuming you still can do that).  We will be at Grandma and Poppy's this time, so Josh and Magen will be on a computer and both of you can skype at the same time, that way you can see them through the computer.  It is their turn with Hunters when it is our turn with Poppy and Grandma.
i still trying to think of when we can skype. its kinda hard to plan at this time because there are alot of unexpected things to do, when president calles and stuff.
ya that sounds good.  lets plan at 1 or 2 o clock my time christmas day and if it comes out to be a bad time i will have to find somway to tell you 
mom! president invited us, by us i mean all the elders in the office, to eat lunch with him on christmas at like one or 2 so i think ill have to call like at 3 or 4
4.  Do you know Elder Garrett Taylor?  He is from our stake.  I think his parents don't live here anymore but he moved from our stake.  He has been out a little bit long than you, but only a few more months.
and yes i know him he is a super great elder.  he is one of the zone leaders in one of the super bigger zones.  i got to know him really well in a bus one day and we were talking a stuff and he said he lived in highland almost all of his life and he even worked at riddles haha and i think at the same time as me, but he worked in the bakery haha
I have to go write now. We can talk about all the stuff im doing and the great experiencias on christmas :)

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