Saturday, January 28, 2017

January 28, 2017

thanks for the letter mom. ya its pretty fun to be in the car with them. This week we did interviews and because we had a world wide missionary conference that change missionary work a lot!! the brethren have decided to up  the anty!! They are giving a lot more liberty to he missionaries to choose what they do with their time.  That is awesome because they want to focus on 3 main changes in the missionary work. 1. Health, luckily our mission was already living a lot more healthier.  The brethren have decided to give missionaries 30 minutes more to exercise. but the funny part is, is that our prophet missionary president already knew that. The rule that was established before is that all missionaries have to be studying by 8, but our missionary president about a year ago said that that is not enough time. so he changed it to 830, so that we can exercise longer and eat a better breakfast.  The missionary department of the church just barely changed it.  2. Productivity.  The missionary department have decided that missionaries should be able to leave the house at 10 am.  the mornings are sometimes great opportunities to teach. Many families are at home in the morning but are not during the afternoon.  but its not going to take away from out study time either.  Everyday we have to find time for companionship study, language study, and if you are a new missionary the first 12 week program. but they can be smartly placed during the day, like at hours that are less productive, like here 2 pm is the worst hour to visit in Ecuador, everyone is asleep or don't care haha. But 4 and beyond are wonderful hours to visit!!! so we could possible study at 2 pm, visit families or participate in service projects during the morning if it is better for us.  3. Developing life habits that will help us after the mission.  The brethren are fully aware that we are not going to be able to study the scriptures at 8 am everyday after the mission so they are teaching us to plan our day intelligently. 

so after the world wide transmission. President planned zone conferences with all the missionaries so that way they dont take the changes wrong!! haha 

Well love you guys a tone and i always think about you i really happy to be a missionary at this time i love serving the lord and serving others. 
they don't take a siesta but after eating a giant lunch and then sitting in your hot un air conditioned house at temps of 90 and above and supper humidity, doesn't really make a pleasant visit haha

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