Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 7, 2017

Hey family!! love you guys. my pdays today haha sorry i know its frustrating.  Normally they are on Saturday but sometimes i dont have time for them.  So they end up being on Monday.  

Well in the office its all good, the missionaries that are here are super funny!! I like being an assistant because i get to do interchanges with other missionaries!!  this week we had a zone conference in Milagro.  And after the zone conference we did a division with the zone leaders, It was a very fun experience 1 cause ive never worked in Milagro so it was something i had never seen before and 2 we had a very spiritual experience in a lesson.  It a lady named Carla.  She has been an investigator for a while and we had planned to teach the plan of salvation. We came in to the visit and started teaching and stuff and it was alright. she wasn't that open to our message. I could tell cause she was hardly paying attention. she kept playing with her hair and stuff. it was like ya she doesn't care to much about this, but i waited until the spirit told me what to say. I dont think the other 2 elders i was with caught on cause they just kept teaching and doing what dad calls kicking a dead horse haha. but one of the elders started teaching about life on the earth and our purpose. and while he talking about it he committed her to go to church which was awesome! cause that is what triggered it!! she got a big fat smile on her face and i was oh there it is!! So we talked about attending church!!  (by the way here in Ecuador there are a lot of people that believe in Christ to a certain extent. They believe in a Christ that doesn't require us to act) So that being said i knew that she was really showing her faith by going to church. I asked her how she felt in the church and we talked about why she felt that way.  She said that she feels that she is learning principles and teachings that will help her and the life of her baby girl.  And to me that sounded a lot like you mom!! We helped her realize for herself that those types of feeling come from God. And why would God send such strong feelings to a person if he didn't want them to follow them!! She realized that the church was true that day. and the best part is that we didn't tell her.  She felt it. I am just an instrument in the hands of God!! The holy Ghost is my boss not my tool!! God controls every lesson that we teach. if we pray for it and want to serve instead of being served!! 

I know this church is true because the Holy Ghost has done what he does best, confirmed!! I definitely feel the love of Christ in this church. I feel it when i pray and when i read the scriptures. especially the Book of Mormon.  I know that Joseph Smith was called of God to restore this holy church so that it could perfect us. (dont know if that is a word or not but its true) Truly this is preparing us for the second coming of our redeemer. So we can be clean in the presence of our Eternal Father.  Love you guys thanks for all of you prayers i really do feel them and i am very grateful for them!

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