Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15, 2017

Weeks been good! i really love it here in Quevedo!  We found a new investigador on Friday named Jessica, she has a sister that is a less active, we went to the less actives house to invite her to an activity for mothers day that we were going to have in the church and we were inspired to ask if she knew anyone else that would be interested in going to the activity and she said maybe her sister that lives next door but then said no she is a monster and will never want to come but we were like The Gospel changes monsters!! haha so we knew her and she is like the opposite of a monster!! she is such a sweet lady!! she gladly accepted to come to the activity with her kids.  She attended!!! it was so great the next day we invited her to baptism and she gladly accepted!! She said that she had never attended before simply because no one has invited her! so it was really great!

well sorry for the short one choa nos vemos

well i got to go sorry i couldnt write more love you guys 

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