Monday, August 31, 2015

August 23, 2015

Here are emails we got from Caleb on Thursday.

“aqui” (how he begins all emails)

“this week i probably tripled my spanish because of elder rojas!! he is in there hes the brown one haha anyway i will take a more clear picture for you before we leave.  also i leave for ecuador or tuesday but actually like at 3 or 4 in the morning and i might be able to call in the air port but not sure yet so monday night when you go to bed i dont know for sure but just a for warning”

I asked how the Latin missionaries say ‘Blackhurst’:

haha oh ya thats what i keep forgeting to tell you haha its so funny blackharssssssT hahaha really funny anyway now they call me benito blackhurst i have no idea why but all these guys are crazy!!!

“i want to get out of here soo bad!!! He (Elder Rojas-his companion) is from bolivia but lived in agentina buenos aires for a while and was born there ya i am going to miss this place actually a lot and the teachers cause they are really great!! also can you just make a blog for and add some up dates about me that i tell you for me and then people can just look at that cause it is too hard to write a massive group message”

Rob asked if he had gone to the temple in Bogota on Thursday before he wrote to us:

yes earer today really fun last time for inglish for 2 years haaaa”

“oh ya you stictly get only 1 hour so the camera is a life savor”  (His camera emails the pictures directly so he doesn’t need a computer, just wifi, which is usually in all church buildings)

ya my new district it the pic infront of the flag pole with all latinos and 2 nortes”

also tell dallin and josh and allyssa and cammie and megan that they are my heros aand i constantly think about them”

I asked about the one sister missionary in his previous district of all Americans:

she had a comp but they just wert in our district and yes now she does and she has a latino just like all the other 5 and 6 weekers

I asked if everyone in his new district is going to Guayaquil with Caleb and Sister Nielson:

“no but alot are there are two venesualans that talk so fast and i cant under stand haha”

bye love you”

Sounds happy.  Hopefully we will hear from him on Tuesday morning extremely early, and if not, we might not hear from him till the following week when he is in Ecuador and on his Pday (which hopefully we be the same day every week, most likely Monday).

He sent lots of pics again so I attached a few.  Hopefully his companion is one of them.
I think he likes converse tennies

Last pic with his district of Americans

New Companion:  Elder Rojas

New district 2 weeks before he leaves the MTC

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