Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

We FINALLY heard from Caleb!  Woohoo!  Since he traveled last week, we didn’t hear from him.

Here is what he had to say this after noon.

well first week was rough but its been good its been rough because its really hard to comunicate with my compañero.  his name is elder martinez from colombia and doesnt speak a lick of inglish but i can still get by because i know im way more prepared to come here than most missionarys because i went to colombia and all the other missionarys that went to mexico say that when they started out they knew way less!!! so i guess im i little more ahead but it is still really hard i kinda feel like a dog running around tring to figure out what people are saying but its ruff!!  the first day i didnt even have time to unpack we just went straight to an investigadores house and taught leccion 3 to them and all i did was like bear my testimony and try to say as much spanish as i could but it was kinda hard ugh and now its just like that all day teaching people.  i just try and try and try and people always look at me and get mad a me because i cant understand them but i know its been more rough for others but still i just feel inaffective as a missionary. 
i love my companion tho he is super cool and plays rugby and is way patient with me i will send a pic later. you are going to hate me but i didnt take many pics.  also today we went to the mall and suprisingly the malls look like absolutlye no different than the ones in the us even alot of the signs are in eglish and yes there is a cinemark in the mall like the one in af.  our sector is the poorest sector in the city of guayaquil but there is other places poorer in our mission.  i actually live in the guayquil west mission too so i dont even sleep in my mission but we walk over to our mission just across the road. 

 it is really poor here like really when we go to members houses to eat lunch i feel bad cause after i eat there isnt any more left for the family.  the food is just rice and some meat and beans if you get lucky. but ya its like tin shacks for houses but they are so happy.  also dad it looks like south america has not changed a bit from how you described it hahaha”

no time to write much but crazy first week first day in ecuador i have a lesson to teach spanish is hard im in the poorest part of the city of guayaquil really poor houses with tin houses concrete walls dirt floors and giant tvs.  god bless the usa.  ecuador uses all american dollers so most everything is like 25 or 50 cents.  so many dogs controling the city i swear.  really hot and humid feels alot like texas ill send more next week with pics my companion is awsome.  i have no more time so i have to go love you all”


Caleb’s address has changed!  If you plan on writing him letters, please use this address.  The other address will no longer work.


Elder Caleb Anthony Blackhurst
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Norte
Casilla de correo 09-04-160
Guayaquil, Ecuador

Thanks for all your love and prayers.



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