Monday, August 31, 2015

August 6, 2015

Here is what Caleb wrote this week.  We were going back and forth because he didn’t have time to write a letter.  They only have about 25 minutes on the computer, so I will copy and paste without editing the things that he wrote.

“i didnt get a chance to read your emails but i tooke pics of them and will read later and write responces and next week will be able to say everything i want to say”

“this week went pretty quick we go proseletising tomorrow again and now im out for revenge so im thinking 21 refrences hah no for real tho”

“the spanish is ok i guess i can communicate with almost all the latinos so that good but still nobody else going to my mission exept me and hermana also we get latin comanaions next week so next time i email you i might be in mental termoil or really happy not sure yet haha”

“ya im sure i will and the espiritual moment of this week was actually just yesterday and we watched a video of a guy sharing his expierece about coming to church for the first time and he said it was crappy because him and his family were not greated at the door and sat by themselves and after sacrement no one even talked to them so he just went home then five years later missionarys invited him back and he went and it was entirely different the way he described it was intenso because the spirit was just beeming off this guy and he was so happy i stink at describing things but i actually started cring a little because i knew that i was going to make people just like him so happy”

“haha and also im pretty sure it takes like for ever for mail to get here and most of the time it doesnt even come so i would hold off on sending letters till Ecuador”

“thanks so much also tell dad that i really dont get how he went 8 weeks with out getting out ones haha”

“ok i got to go i will respond to all your emails next week by love you and i really miss you”

Hopefully it all makes sense without my end of the conversation, but there wasn’t a whole lot of asking and responding.  More just him writing things and me responding, so it should still make sense.

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