Monday, August 31, 2015

July 29, 2015

So last week’s email was back and forth, so it is too difficult to describe everything. His district has 7 elders and 1 sister. We are still trying to figure out how the sister missionary doesn’t have a companion, but oh well. He likes the food at the Colombia MTC, and sometimes they get American food (hamburgers, steaks, etc.) so that makes Caleb happy too. The first week was pretty tough and intense but all is good. He is excited that he can teach the first lesson in Spanish. He is also grateful to be in the Colombia MTC because all of the teachers are from South America, not American’s teaching kids how to speak Spanish. Caleb feels like he is being taught the right accents and other language helps from these guys. The kicker is that they don’t speak English, so communicating with the teachers is hard but fun. He is loving the MTC so far.

 Last week, he said that his pday would be on Wednesday of this week, but it was Tuesday, so we missed him, but here is what he said. Not a ton of info, but definitely a neat experience. I’ve copied and pasted the part in blue so that is what he wrote.

 “tracking wasnt the best because it was really scary at first but we got used to it”

 “but today our district went to the immagration place so that was fun and the only people that could go in were the people actually going to comombia but im the only one in my district going to ecudor so i had to wait outside all by my self then i sat next to a lady and chated with her in espanol and then i gave her a book of mormon and she was like oh cool and stuff. she said she was a protestent and believed in god and jesucristo and stuff and i just explained to her that this was another testoment of jesucristo and she seamed pretty interested and i got her number and address and stuff to give to the actual missionaries in that mission pretty great right! she laughed alot at my spanish and she was a super nice lady!!”

Thanks for all the prayers.

Elder Hansen with Caleb
Colombia MTC
Bogota Temple
Caleb's district in the Colombia MTC

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