Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015

Today is changes and again i didnt get transfered so im still here in Guayaquil Vergeles ward!!! Whoo!!! 

Wow this week was great!! we had 4 investigadors attend church and 6 less actives!!!!! Wow it was great!! one of our babtismal dates fell his name is Walter and he has pretty much lived his life solo and his hes made a few mistakes in his life that he wants to correct and his brother is mormon so we got the chance to visit him and hes taking the lessons now and everything and he had a date for this saterday but it didnt come to church on sunday so we have to wait for the next week. Its around christmas the next week we can do it but im praying that one nobody talkes him out of babtism and that satin takes a break on the guy cause he really needs this in his life.  I know he does and it would be amazing for him. He talkes aton about how he was in the military and shares all these stories that hes had to shoot people before in the war and all this stuff that makes me laugh. 

I was rereading the book of mormon today and i desided that i was going to try to read on chapter ever night but switch off every night from english and spanish and this week i was reading 1 nefi 13 and 14 and it talks aton about United States and how the united states would kick out the indians in the north and it would be a choice land perfect for the Restouration of the Gospel!! Its crazy how much God knows!! The reason why he literally glows is because of his knowledge that he has, its really cool that when we die and after the judgment and all and we arrive to the Celestial Kingdom that we will but incomprehensibley smart!!!

I love the book of mormon and know with out it would be really confused about aton of stuff so if you ever have a question about if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint is true read the book of Mormon i know for a fact it willl ansewer any question you can think of.  But God wants to see your effert to read it and hes not just going to give you your ansewer for free you got to work!!! God is a God of Work!!!!!!!!
( I asked how Elder Hernandez was doing? )
ya hes recuperating a tone he can almost move his whole cheek now
We contacted this guy on the street and I took a pic cause its funny
No its was just his pet for a while haha and that night they just desided to eat it so ya they cut her open and it was so funny it just remined me of hunting the whole time haha
( I asked how the food is )
Some food is really good like sometime but very rare we have lasana and its super good. ya its like real real lazana from italia the peple her are crazy for spain and italia
ya they dont eat like a ton a ton ( of meat ) but they eat every part like yesterday i had a cow heart soup it was really nasty and i just gutted it down i can honestly say that i didnt finish it but i dont think she noticed a cause i gave the rest to her dog haha i feel bad but i just couldnt eat it
ok first what do you think is the most common thing.  I eat it litterally every day and it is the reason ive gained 20 lbs since ive left. haha its cause ive been trying really hard every morning to just turn it into muscle but im geting behind i can feel my body getting fatter and actually not that much beens i kinda wish there was more just rice.  sometimes for lunch we just get a mountain of rice and like a strip of cow haha
( I asked how big the ward is and how often they feed the missionaries )

we have a differerent lunch every day of the week so thats cool and ya there is a ton like 500 somthing but only about 200 attend church. we only make breakfast for ourselves and normally its just cereal and milk and we usually dont eat dinner

ok i got to go ill write next week love you guys aton and im pumped for Christmas i think im going to cry haha

i cant remember when it ( the mission Christmas party ) is but i got to leave now love you!!!

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