Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 21, 2015

yes i think we are going to skype but its hard to find a place to do it cause not too many people have a computadora with camera

yes i got the peanut butter and honey its super good i love it thanks so much

No i havnt got the Christmas packages yet i hope they get here before april haha

No we have it tomarrow and im super pumped cause we are doing i cant remember what it is called in english¿iniciatorios? hah 

ugh Jipson he did exactly what i was afraid of im kinda panicing he started doing the same things he was struggling with before his babtism and ugh man i feel like it is all just falling apart with him and im super sad about it cause before he was so pumped when we came but now its like we come and he just seems tict at us or something and i honestly dont know what im doing wrong thats why i was super bummed but its ok i decided i was not going to give up hope because he is a pretty dope kid and has a really bright future ahead.  I know exactly why its cause he has no freinds in the church so there is absolutly no drive to presevire to the end.  Walter its not going to well either i dont know what happened cause i think he doesnt like telling the truth with us so he says all this stuff about how he wants to be babtised but every time i ask him why he wants to be babtised he says one wants to get rid of all the mistakes in his or her life so there is absolutly nothing personal about it hes just saying what he thinks we want to here but we really just want the truth 
ah man that sucks that byu lost cause i was really going to send an email to hack to to glote maybe get some members to take a pick with a byu shirt on or something but ya whatever i never really bronco losenhall ugh.
ya the christmas party is tomorrow and wensday so it is almost all the day long both days but i kinda dont want to cause we found a new investigador named Jorge and he is super dope but doesnt have legs cause he was in a car accident and the wind shield choped them clean off hah its funny and really sad at the same time ok maybe not that funny just more sad than funny but he needs faith that jesus is the christ and not just a "good guy" cause that what he thinks right now so was thinking about him this moring and i thought of leaving him alma 36 to read cause its super a sick chapter!!!!
(he is inviting Jipson to family night) ya like today we have a noche hogar i and i called him to ask if he wanted to come and he said ok 
ya so im thinking with walter if he doesnt show progress with in the next 2 weeks we have to drop him but i know the lord still has his back
ya 11 is great for me so ill call around 9 your time i forgot about day light savings
(About a wonderful lady in Guayaquil named Carmen Murillo)
no what does she what to make for me!? and she went to church i was so pumped he had a huge lesson with her and aparetly she was not so sure what the sacrement was cause she felt no need that she had to attend at all.  so i just explained it to her stern cause she talks alot so she had to understand and ya she understud and went to church i was super happy
it was roast ah i miss it super bad but i know that i have not chance of seeing it here  but ya carmen is super sweet and she loves you and said i was one of her favorite elders!! ya shes like my mom here but dont worry im not going to replace you ha
yahoo i babtised again this week

ya but i have to go i sent you a pic so you can laugh haha and yea hes 9 so its a babtism of the mission see you friday bro hahah!!!!!!
ok i have to go cause its six and i cant be late so tell everyone i love them and i cant wait for friday

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