Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 7, 2015

aaaaaaaaaaa!!! dont tell me that!!! holy crap that game (BYU v UTAH at the Vegas Bowl) is going to be so intense i want to watch it!!!  Anyways this week i dont know what came over me before i felt i liked to duck hunt and fish and stuff but it was like a past time thing but now i would kill just to go to strawberry one time for like an hour and fish and duck hunt!! man i got so trunky this week haha but its ok im fine i just want to go hunting really bad haha.  ya jipson is great he is attending church and going to activities and stuff its awsome but the only problem is that some of the people is this ward are like hard core wierdies so he is not really making freinds and he has to go to church alone every sunday.  We got to know his freinds outside of the church but they are not the best people and they dont really want anything to do with the church and his family is great but they dont really want anything either it really sucks.  i keep praying that he will find someone but i keep thinking i just babtised a less active.  

Ya i hope i dont get transferred right before christmas but ya im kinda due for one so i dont know ya ill be able to find a place to skype if im here but ya if i get stuck in the freaking campo im not sure but im sure ill find somewhere just send me your skype account name so i can right it down and call you guys.

ya Elder ashman is gone it sucks cause im not going to lie its kinda hard cause elder ashman is a hard working but these guys im living with not are not the best workers but im doing my best to keep my spirit up

ill send pics of the babtism then i got to go love you cant wait to see you guys on christmas

Elder Blackhurst, Jipson, and Elder Hernandez at Jipson's baptism!

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