Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 28, 2015

Well i hope everyone had a great Navidad because i know i did i got to talk to my parents on skype and luckly i was in the city of Guayquil so i could find someone with a computer i can skype on!!! We had our mission activity on the 22 and the 23 and they were way fun days.  For probably the most of it we were singing on the street or singing at like a old fokes home to really old people that were kinda insane too haha.  Then president made dinner for us on  the 23 and it was super good!!! Turkey with mash potatos with green beans with GRAVY!!!  I dont know where he found gravy but he really pull on that one!!

The actual day of Christmas we could get that much work done because everyone was out in the street either still drunk or have a real bad hangover from the night before so it was hard to do anything but we did visit so recent converts and members and created kind of life a Christmas nativity but just with scriptures and hymns and it was super fun.  

Today i got transfered to a city called Babahoyo and a sector called Universitario 2!  This is alot different from the city haha.  I feel like i just arived on the mission again! hah no but it is alot different because it is all fields and stuff but the city had other people that were just a little bit more rich that the ones here.  So i just went from cinder block houses to baboo houses haha.  

My new companions name is Elder Argueta he is from Guatamala.  he is pretty cool he only has 3 months left on the mission so he is kinda nervous haha but its cool he is a really hard worker from what i could tell.

It was really hard to leave Vergeles because i basically knew everyone there because we did so much contacting and stuff and i got the call last night at like 9 o clock in the night that i had to pack cause they needed to throw me out in to the jungle for a bit haha.  but i didnt get a chance to say good bye to anyone and that really sucks so i wrote a few letters to my converts and left them with my companion so he can give them for me but it kinda sucks to start over again but its ok it will be way funner than last time and the house that i live in now is way bigger and way cleaner cause its not so much in the city. 

Well i hope everyone had a nice Christmas and sorry i havent emailed in a while!!


de Elder Blackhurst

ya im really pumped but also kinda sad i wanted to be there for like a few more months

(I asked if he had a chance to say goodbye to Carmen-his mom away from home)
no its good i called here before i left this morning but she wasnt there so i left a message with her son

ya and i also gave that byu football to Bryan her son because i think he would enjoy it way more that me

ya the youngest is very downs syndrome and like almost ever sunday it seems like she has to go to the hospital for a doctors appiontment ugh its kinda anoying because she is slowly starting  to lose her testimony cause of it.  but ya i gave the football to the 2 oldest cause he said he liked it a ton and he looks like a future offensive linman
(I asked if his new area had a university because the wards are called Universitarios)
ya but i havent seen it yet ive only seen the house and the grociery store by the way the food is super cheap here!!!! its super cool!! and this cyber
no we had transfers today elder morga got transfered too.  it was like a 2 hour bus ride is all
(I asked if was a big bus or a chicken bus)
it was a big bus but no i meant to say Guayaquil is super expensive so its super nice to have cheap things for once
(I asked how many were in the apartment and if he rode the bus alone or with someone)
there is still 4 and ya i was by my self it sucks i felt really weird haha
haha i cant remember there names yet haha but i know ill be good freinds with them next week
hah the christmas party for the ward was horrible cause they had it on the day of christmas and nobody could go!!! so dumb

(Rob asked him about the bus ride there and how his own experience was scary because he didn't know the language yet so he wasn't sure if he would get there)
haha ya thats honestly all i was thinking on the ride there is of your story on your mission and i was really greatful i could comunicate with the people
ok guys i have to go now thanks for everything you guys do for me i hear from you next week!!! love you

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