Monday, May 15, 2017

May 1, 2017

I got transferred to Quevedo again!! im still running around as an assistant but just in Quevedo!! President assigned me to work as an assistant in just the Quevedo South and North zones! so i can do interchanges with just about anyone in the both zones. President told me to teach them how to work with the ward leaders!! haha literally yelling haha i love him so much.  the ward im working in is called Bellavista. and my companion is named Elder Martinez from Texas.  the story of  this guys mission as just been hard, he trained 2 elders that went home before they finished their 12 weeks, but not because of him!! i actually chose to work with him haha!! he is probably the hardest worker ive ever met and is super obedient, his words are i just came to work for the lord!! so the fact that his 2 companions havent stayed was definitivly not his fault but he kinda feels bad for it... but it is really fun because he really got babtised only 3-4 years ago, his mother and 3 sisters. his mother is from mexico but he was born in Arkansas and then moved to texas. he grew up in texas playing football and knew the church there. he got baptised at 15 with the rest of his family, then when he moved to Utah at 18 and finished his senior year there in Midvale, Sandy.  that is where his family is.  Its awsome because its not like he had his whole life in the church so he still learned a ton!!  I love when he figures out some doctrine really well because he gets really happy!! He likes football a ton. we played today! he already knew spanish but like spanglish so ill try to correct him on some spanish error and he gets all defensive haha its so funny.  

anyway the changes are because there has been a bunch of elders that have gone home in this last week.  the elder that i was working with last week i showed all the love i could possibly give him and even helped him repent of some of the crap that he did here on the mission with other missionaries.  anyway the results are that he has a mental issue and he said, Elder Blackhurst i think these last 2 days that I got to have with you ive actually felt like a real missionary!! he said that he has never felt like that before. anyway he was really distructive as well he always questioned obedience and fought if he didnt get his way, he doesnt really have an inner feeling of guilt for anything! so he just doesnt care about obedience. i really just treated him like a little child because that was basically his mind set.  when i told him no it was like no elder you know that bad with like a baby voice and it totally worked so i think he has like some disorder. at the end he himself decided it would be better if he wasnt here.  so he was sent home. i told him that i would continue to write him because someone like that is prone to inactivate :( so i will try to write him.  he is from peru. 

on monday night president basically showed me the holes that he had because all the elders had left so he just asked where do you want to serve haha i told him with elder martinez!!! he is such a dope guy! he is from Rio Grande city from a spanish speaking branch over there

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