Monday, May 15, 2017

May 13, 2017


We spoke with Caleb on Saturday May 13 for Mother's Day.  IT WAS SO AWESOME!!

He said that he isn't serving as AP anymore.  When Elder Godoy came to visit a few weeks ago, he released all the APs that were not serving in the office.  The white missionary handbook doesn't really say they can have APs in the field, so he released the ones that were not in the office.  Caleb said he will miss the opportunity to work with so many awesome missionaries, but he loves loves loves working with Elder Martinez in Quevedo.  Because Caleb served in Quevedo before, he is enjoying catching up with the members that he worked with before.  He is hoping a family he worked with before is able to be baptized the week before he comes home on JUNE 13 (29 days in case you are counting!).  They have been reading the Book of Mormon everyday at 5am and have seen blessings because of it, which has led to them setting a date for baptism.

Caleb has definitely become a lover of the scriptures as he has served his mission.  He has surprised himself at how much pleasure he now takes in studying the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We had a wonderful talk about how the Book of Mormon has been not only a blessing in each of our individual lives, but also that of our family as we continue to feel the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ as we study the scriptures.  We also talked about what taking the sacrament means to us each week.  It was such a blessing to share our testimonies about the Gospel with this last time to Skype.

Caleb has loved serving in Ecuador!

Not a great pic...Last Skype of the mission.

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