Monday, May 15, 2017

May 8, 2017

hey i just talked to my companion and we think it would be better to talk on saturday but not sure at what time so it would be between 10am to 4pm but not exactly sure the exact time i think it would depend on where we talk but it would be at that time. 

this week was great the area 70 president came his name is elder godoy. I got to talk to him a little he is a really cool guy. He talked alot about when he was a missionary and when he was a mission president. i really loved it.

he also ate lunch with us and elder martinez and i sat right next to him!! he talks alot about the mission and it kinda suprises me because it was such a long time ago and it kinda worries me because i honestly dont remember all the things that happened in my mission haha but any way its all good. that was the highlight of the week!! 

ill talk a little more when we talk. i got to go now but i love you guys and hope all goes well

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